The missions at Schriever Air Force Base fall under the Space Operations Command field command and the U.S. Space Force. The links below will take you to reference material for Schriever Air Force Base, US Space Force and the US Air Force in general. For additional Schriever information, visit our units page.
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Garrison Leadership

Col. James E. Smith Col. Ericka S. Farmer-Hill Chief Master Sgt. Boston Alexander

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Historic Leaders

Historic Air Force Logo GEN. BERNARD A. SCHRIEVER (opens in new window)
LT. GEN. ROGER G. DEKOK (opens in new window)
MAJ. GEN. JIMMEY R. MORRELL (opens in new window)
BRIG. GEN. CHARLES E. "CHUCK" YEAGER (opens in new window)

Base Facts

U.S. Space Force (opens in new window) 
Space Operations Command (opens in new window)
Peterson-Schriever Garrison (opens in new window) 
Schriever AFB (opens in new window)
Delta 6 (opens in new window)
Delta 8 (opens in new window)
Delta 9 (opens in new window) 
50th Mission Support Group (opens in new window)
2019 Economic Impact Statement (opens in new window)
Restricted Area Parking Map (opens in new window)
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Peterson-Schriever Garrison