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  • STAR Delta (Provisional)

    The Space Training and Readiness Delta (Provisional) prepares U.S. Space Force forces to prevail in a contested, degraded, and operationally-limited environment through the education and training of space professionals; development of space warfighting tactics, techniques, and procedures; and the test and evaluation of USSF capabilities.
  • Peterson-Schriever Garrison

    Peterson-Schriever Garrison is headquartered at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado.MissionThe garrison’s mission is to enable USSF and partner mission execution of eight of the nine functional space deltas and more than 80 mission partners across 22 world-wide locations through the provision of integrated USSF and United States Air Force Base
  • Delta 8

    Delta 8, a component of the U.S. Space Force, was established and activated July 24, 2020.Delta 8 consists of three active duty squadrons headquartered at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado: 2nd and 4th Space Operations Squadrons and 50th Operations Support Squadron.  MISSIONDelta 8 is mission-focused on Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) and
  • Air Force Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities

    The Air Force Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities (AF TENCAP) Directorate is a US Air Force Air Combat Command geographically separated unit, located at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado.MISSIONAir Force TENCAP exploits National space, cyber and intelligence capabilities to deliver rapid, cost-dominant and innovative warfighting
  • 50th Operations Support Squadron

    The 50th Operations Support Squadron is a component of Delta 8, headquartered at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado. The squadron was originally constituted the 50th Airdrome Squadron Jan. 25, 1943 that was later disbanded April 1, 1944. On Jan. 30, 1992, the squadron was reconstituted and re-designated the 50 OSS. MissionThe 50th OSS’s mission is
  • 3rd Space Experimentation Squadron

    The 3rd Space Experimentation Squadron is a component of the Space Training and Readiness Delta (Provisional). The unit is located on Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado.Mission The 3rd SES is the Space Force’s premier organization for conducting space-based demonstrations and experimentation. Utilizing innovative and scientific methodologies, the
  • Health Promotions Program

    Mission The Health Promotions Program (formerly known as the Health and Wellness Center) is part of the 21st Medical Squadron, and is staffed with medical professionals who are dedicated to prevention education, evidence-based intervention and health enhancement. These "one-stop" shops for health, wellness, fitness, nutrition and related community
  • 25th Space Range Squadron

    The 25th Space Range Squadron, a component of the Space Training and Readiness Delta (Provisional), is located at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado. Mission The 25th SRS operates the Department of Defense's only Space Test and Training Range, providing customers with a safe and secure environment to support space control technique development and
  • 17th Test Squadron

    The 17th Test Squadron, a component of the Space Training and Readiness Delta (Provisional), is located at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado. Mission The 17th TS is a space-focused that delivers validated warfighting capabilities and ensures an independent assessment of space systems' performance. The unit conducts integrated test planning,
  • Airport Passes for Departures and Arrivals

    Family members may escort their loved one who is deploying to their gate at the airport. This also works when the deployed member is returning home. Family members need to go to the airline desk that the service member is flying on and request a pass to the gate. Some airlines may ask for a copy of the deployment orders.You will need the pass and

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