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Peterson-Schriever Garrison

Six-headed hydra emblem.

Six-headed hydra emblem.

Peterson-Schriever Garrison is headquartered at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado.


The garrison’s mission is to enable USSF and partner mission execution of eight of the nine functional space deltas and more than 80 mission partners across 22 world-wide locations through the provision of integrated USSF and United States Air Force Base Operating Support (e.g., directly assisting, maintaining, supplying, and distributing support of forces at the operating location), Combat Service Support (e.g., the essential capabilities, functions, activities, and tasks necessary to sustain all elements of all operating forces at the operating location), and  Garrison Support Agency services.


The Peterson-Schriever Garrison consists of one medical group, one Air Base Group, and two mission support groups that provide health care, mission readiness support, communication and information technology, security, civil engineering, fire protection, environmental management, manpower, personnel, logistics, contracting, base services and housing support for Peterson SFB, Schriever SFB, and Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station in Colorado, Thule Air Base in Greenland, New Boston Air Force Station in New Hampshire, and Kaena Point Air Force Station in Hawaii. The garrison supports more than 18,400 personnel who manage an annual budget of $285 million and administer nearly $1.1 billion in contracts.

With the consolidation of garrison support for multiple Air Force Bases and Stations supporting USSF missions under one commander July 17, 2020, the command was designated the Peterson-Schriever Garrison.

The garrison indirectly contributes an estimated $2.6 billion to the local Colorado Springs, Colorado, area annually.

(Current as of July 2020)