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WAWF in an application module within the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (opens in new window). Contractors with a government contract of any type must be registered in PIEE according to the terms of the contract (you must already have a contract before you can register) in order to submit and correct invoices. You will always log into PIEE to access the WAWF module for submitting and accessing invoices. This is the only method you can receive payment for performance on a contract.

CORRECTION ACTIONS BY VENDORS - Vendors may correct and resubmit their original Wide Area Workflow invoice if a correction is needed for one or more of the following:

    • Issue By
    • Admin By
    • Inspected By
    • Accepted By
    • LPO
    • Pay By
  • Line Items
  • Discounts
  • Miscellaneous Amounts

Note: Original invoice numbers remain unchanged upon resubmission.

Vendors must void a rejected invoice if a correction is needed for any of the following:

  • Contract Number
  • Delivery Order Number
  • Issue Date
  • Shipment Number
  • Shipment Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date

Once the rejected invoice is voided, the vendor should create and submit a new invoice.

Note: The original invoice number can be used for the new invoice if the rejected invoice is voided first.

WAWF Training is available here (opens in new window). 

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