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Map of Schriever and surrounding area

Congratulations on your assignment to Schriever Air Force Base--one of the newest bases in the Air Force. Schriever AFB is the home of the Space Innovation and Development Center, the Missile Defense Agency, 310th Space Wing and numerous tenant organizations.

The mission is to command space and cyber systems to deliver global combat effects, to include precision navigation and timing and secure satellite communication, through command and control of DoD satellite systems. The other units at Schriever also perform space missions. We are unique in that we have no flightline and no aircraft mission.

Some of the services normally provided at most Air Force bases are not available on Schriever; however, Peterson AFB is a full service base, offering a commissary, Base Exchange and other support functions.

More than 8,000 personnel work on Schriever AFB, located approximately 10 miles east of Colorado Springs. You are joining a highly dedicated and professional group of military, civilian and contractor personnel. We are very proud of our mission success rate and the fact that each individual does their part to create a quality Air Force environment. Schriever AFB challenges you to become part of our tradition of excellence.

You will find Colorado Springs a warm and friendly city with many things to see and do. We hope your transition goes smoothly, and we look forward to you joining the Schriever team!

Wing Leadership

Col. James E. Smith Col. Ericka S. Farmer-Hill Chief Master Sgt. Boston Alexander

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Local Area Base Guides

Schriever AFB Schriever AFB (opens in new window)
The daily mission at the 50th Space Wing takes us to all parts of the world and deep into space. The wing operates satellite operations centers and tracking stations around the world.
Peterson AFB Peterson AFB (opens in new window, non-government site)
The 21st Space Wing is the Air Force's only organization providing missile warning and space control to unified commanders and combat forces worldwide.
USAFA Air Force Academy (opens in new window, non-government site)
The U.S. Air Force Academy is a four-year officer development program based on the four pillars of officer development: professional, intellectual, physical and character.
Fort Carson Fort Carson (opens in new window, non-government site)
Fort Carson, the "Mountain Post," sits at the base of the Rocky Mountains just south of Colorado Springs, Colo. The post is home to several Army divisions and more than 12,000 Soldiers and family members.

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