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Upon Arrival

Schriever does not currently have dorms. Dorms are issued through Peterson Air Force Base and they have a current occupancy rate of 96% or higher!   Single Airman ask your sponsor to reserve a room for you  as soon as possible. The dorm manager requests at least 3 weeks notice from the date the new single Airman will arrive. Please call 719-556-7761/3832/1409 to reserve a room! Plan Ahead!                                                                                                                    

During normal duty hours, contact your sponsor or the unit you are assigned to. If they cannot assist you, contact the Military Personnel Flight at 719-567-5900, or DSN 560-5900. 

If it is after normal duty hours, report to the 24-hour arrival point at the Pikes Peak Lodging Office, Building 1042 on Peterson Air Force Base, phone 719-597-2010. 
When you reach the base the gate guard can direct you to the Pikes Peak Lodging Office. This office can also help you get in touch with your sponsor or your unit. 

When you are ready to sign in you must first report to the Visitors Center, Building 20, located at the Enoch Road Gate. Be prepared with security clearance paperwork and automobile information to gain access to the facility. Once on base, report to the Military Personnel Flight Customer Service counter on the first floor of Building 210, between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., in uniform. 

Bring the package provided to you by your losing base and any other paperwork that applies to your move, with you. There are no temporary lodging facilities on Schriever Air Force Base. For accommodation, contact the Pikes Peak Lodging Office.

Temporary Quarters

Space is limited at the Temporary Lodging Facility. Call DSN 834-6293 or 834-8048 to make reservations as soon as you receive orders. Newcomers are limited to a 15-day stay and then can stay additional days on a space available basis. 
Pets are not allowed in the TLF. Hotel and motel availability may be scarce during the summer due to the large number of tourists who visit the area, so plan ahead and make reservations. 

Child Care

For information on enrolling your children at the Schriever Child Development Center, contact 719-567-4742 or DSN 560-4742. You can also visit the CDC webpage (opens in new window) for more information. 


Schriever currently has 242 homes for all ranks. More information on amenities to the homes and community, various home styles, and amenities provided can be found on the Housing webpage (opens in new window). Visit the Tierra Vista communities website (opens in new window, non-government site) for updates, home availability, and complete application. The TVC Property Management Office and the government housing Management office staff are co-located in the community center within the privatized housing area. Tierra Vista Property Management can be reached at (719) 683-3660 and the housing management office can be reached at (719) 567-2884 or DSN 560-2884 or (719) 567-5069 or DSN 560-5069.
If you are purchasing a home, be aware of time required to close. You may want to pre-qualify for a loan while at your current station. If possible, plan to take a permissive TDY house-hunting expedition at least 30-40 days to PCSing to this area.

Newcomers Info

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