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Chapel team Pings base


The 50th Space Wing chapel team established Ping, a unit engagement program that to encourages human interaction in an age where digital communication reigns supreme at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado.

Their goal is to give Airmen a mental and spiritual challenge, food for thought and enrich discussion.

Ping focuses around the idea of communication, named after space communication themes common to Schriever.

“As we discussed this engagement initiative, we thought of Ping to describe the two-way conversation we wanted to have with Airmen based on the construct of pinging, just like communicating with satellites,” said Chaplain (Maj.) Martin Adamson, 50th Space Wing chaplain.

The first Ping initiative is presidents. Short bios have been developed on some lesser known American presidents and printed on cards. Those cards will be handed out and discussed with Airmen.

“We listed some interesting fact about the president, as well as certain qualities, virtues, vices and such which Airmen will find interesting.  They can give us their impression about that and have a discussion about our history, leadership, etc.,” said Adamson.

The chapel is always looking for ways to engage and since they plan their annual ministry a year ahead, they wanted to expand their efforts.

 “This is a great way for Airmen to talk to us about random topics, with enriching open conversations.  There are so many Airmen on this base who have vast life experiences and know all kinds of things that we have no idea about.  This is a great opportunity for us to learn more about those Airmen and connect with them, while ensuring their spiritual resiliency,” said Staff Sgt. Jacqulyn Rider, 50th Space Wing chaplain assistant.

Other planned Ping segments involve Star Wars, superheroes, literary classics and leaders from the space mission/community. 

“We have some pretty cool cards and stuff that we will be handing out in the process. I suspect some Airmen may want to hang on or collect some of the stuff,” said Adamson. “We are about connection and community.  If we can do things which foster that, we are glad to jump in and help Airmen sense they are part of not only this great Air Force, but a great community.”

If individuals have any ideas on how to better Ping Airmen, contact the 50th Space Wing chaplain team at 567-3705. 

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