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Calling 567-3911 saves lives

(U.S. Air Force graphic/Airman 1st Class William Tracy)

(U.S. Air Force graphic/Airman 1st Class William Tracy)



If you are using a cell phone or any phone with a prefix other than 567 or 721 while on base, 567-3911, not 911, is the number to call for Schriever emergency personnel.

“Dialing 567-3911 can be the difference between life and death,” said Roger Ours, Schriever Fire Department emergency vehicle dispatcher. “With this number, we can dispatch personnel immediately, otherwise it will take twice as long.”

During an emergency, when every minute counts, dialing 567-3911 on your cellphone instead of 911 directly links you with Schriever emergency responders, as opposed to the standard 911 which sends you to an El Paso country dispatcher. This does not apply to base land line phones (567 or 721 prefixes), which will automatically link you with Schriever emergency personnel.

Aside from losing precious time, Ours said speaking with El Paso country emergency personnel will mean responders will have to relay the information to Schriever personnel, a process which can lead to complications.

“It’s important they talk to us and we get the information firsthand, otherwise information can be lost in the transfer from El Paso,” he said. “It’s also vital as the person calling can tell me directly what’s happening while still on the phone.”

Brad Truver, assistant fire chief, said it’s important for the Schriever community to understand they have immediate access on base to a wealth of emergency services, including a standby ambulance ready to transport individuals who need medical attention to the base gates.

“We are our own community,” said Truver.  “Team 5-0 has its own ability to provide emergency services.”

Truver said Schriever emergency personnel can arrive within minutes, to assist on scene and transport individuals, deal with hostile situations and respond to other emergency situations.  However, base personnel and their families need to understand for immediate response, callers need to dial 567-3911.

“If you call directly, we’ll ask you a few questions and be on our way,” said Truver. “The importance of dialing that number and calling the right person is crucial.”

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