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2 officers tried for drug use

United States v. First Lieutenant Seth T. Holloway


On April 25, 1st Lt. Seth T. Holloway, 4th Space Operations Squadron, was convicted by a General Court-Martial of five offenses.  He pled guilty to one charge and three specifications of Article 112a, Uniform Code of Military Justice, wrongful use, possession and distribution of marijuana, and one charge and two specifications of Article 134, UCMJ, fraternization.  The case was tried by military judge alone.


In addition to receiving a federal conviction, 1st Lt. Holloway was sentenced to 30 days of confinement.


Between March and May 2016, 1st Lt. Holloway wrongfully used marijuana, was in possession of marijuana and distributed marijuana to enlisted members.  1st Lt. Holloway was also maintaining an unprofessional relationship with two enlisted members by socializing and using marijuana with them.



United States v. Captain Floyd K. Kerr


On April 14, Capt. Floyd K. Kerr, 50th Operations Support Squadron, was acquitted by a General Court-Martial of one charge and one specification of Article 112a, Uniform Code of Military Justice, wrongful use of marijuana.  The case was tried by a panel of officer members.



The 50th Space Wing Legal Office reminds Airmen marijuana use and possession within the state of Colorado is legal for civilians; however, it remains criminal for military members.  Airmen who use, possess, distribute or otherwise become involved with marijuana could be investigated and potentially prosecuted.  Additionally, fraternization is an unprofessional relationship that can degrade morale, good order, discipline and unit cohesion.  It is the responsibility of all Airmen to ensure officers and enlisted members maintain professional relationships at all times.  Please learn from the mistakes and crimes of your fellow Airmen and refrain from jeopardizing your career and your future.  Questions regarding the above information should be directed to the legal office at 567-5050.

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