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Schriever fitness center anticipates renovations

Schriever fitness center anticipates renovations

Shown is a floor plan of the new locker rooms that will be renovated September – December 2017. Renovation includes cleaning and painting of walls and ceilings, tile replacement, cleaning and testing of HVAC systems and replacement of fixtures for shower heads and controls. (Courtesy graphic)

Schriever fitness center anticipates renovations

Shown is a floor plan of the temporary showers that will be available during the three month locker room project. The men’s and women’s trailers will be available with eight showers in each. No lockers or toilets will be available in the trailers themselves. (Courtesy graphic)


Officials will begin renovations on the Schriever fitness center, Building 120, to improve quality of life for the base community.

The 50th Civil Engineer Squadron, 50th Contracting Squadron and 50th Force Support Squadron worked together to plan renovations for the fitness center’s men’s and women’s locker rooms, which is expected to start date Sept. 5, and last approximately 90 days.

“The request for the project was initiated in December 2015,” said Lt. Col. Merrell Mobley, 50 FSS commander. “This will mark a two year process until completion and we are grateful to receive the funding to carry out the project as desired.”

The purpose of the renovation is to replace the shower areas in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms due to wear and tear over time.

This building was constructed and opened in December 2001,” said Seth Cannello, 50 FSS fitness center director. “I put in a request to renovate the locker rooms; it was a long time coming since we haven’t had any major renovations since the building’s opening.”

Renovation includes walls and ceiling cleaning and painting, tile replacement, HVAC system testing and shower heads and controls replacement.

Currently, the men’s shower stalls are open bay, however, once the project is complete, the design will be similar to the women’s locker rooms with private showers and drying stalls.  

During the construction, mutliple trailers will be available which will house twelve men's showers, seven women's showers and three women's restrooms. Males will still have access to restrooms and lockers in their locker room, while showers are off limits. 

Additionally, base members will have access to showers in Building 500 in the Restricted Area. There will be 13 men's showers and three female showers available for use. 

“This is going to have a major impact on the base,” Cannello said. “People definitely need to plan ahead for it. On the plus side, the current issues will be repaired and it’s going to give people more privacy. It will be challenging for three months, which is why I want people to already be thinking about this.”

For more information, contact the fitness center at 567-6658.


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