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Alpha Warrior strengthens AF bonds


Schriever members participated in the Regional Alpha Warrior event at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, Friday, Sept. 29.

First Lt. Skyler Awisus, 50th Operations Support Squadron simulator and project manager, finished with a time of 1:06.94.

 He said his experience was positive from start to finish.

“It was nice to build some camaraderie with Air Force personnel from all over the state while still maintaining a competitive attitude and a desire to win,” Awisus said.

He added the competition was like no other because the obstacles are not usually what one trains for normally.

“I used to be a competitive gymnast, so the odd bodyweight exercises were right up my alley, but the speed aspect was still a major challenge,” Awisus said. “The best part was everyone sharing tips and tricks as we learned the ropes of the course. Plus, it's never a bad day when you can get away from your desk to swing on some monkey bars.”

Capt. Alexander Ortiona, 25th Space Range Squadron assistant director of operations, said it was not the strongest or lightest individuals who outperformed everyone, but those who practiced frequently.

“Strength-to-weight ratio played an important part, but it was those who became comfortable with the arena that rocked it,” he said. “Comfort could have been achieved through a combination of general athleticism and practice on the course, or achieved through rock climbing experience.

“Familiarization with holding yourself up and getting through it, and maybe even sharing tips and tricks with your friends, seemed to pave the way to success.”

Awisus appreciated the support of fellow Airmen and squadron members.

Capt. Jessica Norrington, 50th OSS staff instructor, also enjoyed camaraderie during the competition.

“All the competitors from every base were there cheering each other on,” she said. “There was friendly competition but everyone really wanted to see people succeed.

“They were excited when someone made it past any obstacle or had a really good save,” she added. “You really saw each base come together as well, and Schriever's members represented the competition well.”

Capt. Thomas Taylor, 1st Space Operations Squadron director of operations, also competed in the event, and felt he did well overall.

“I executed the game plan I had made before and it worked great for me,” Taylor said. “I’m glad I was able to go out and represent Schriever, and I think we had three out of the seven qualifying times which was awesome. It was a fun event and I look forward to adding more obstacles and competing in the future.”

Ortiona said the course meant to focus on Comprehensive Airman Fitness.

“In both Comprehensive Airman Fitness and the Alpha Warrior arenas, I believe it comes down to situational awareness, preparation, practice and flexible execution,” he said. “And in both arenas, a team approach is best.”

The obstacle course is available to Airmen for training during normal fitness center hours at Peterson. For more information, call the fitness center at 556-4462.

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