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Boo patrol keeps Schriever safe


50th Security Forces Squadron volunteers will patrol the Tierra Vista Community on Halloween from 5:30-8 p.m. to ensure children and their families stay safe trick-or-treating. There will be a patrol car and volunteers on foot circulating the neighborhood. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Halle Thornton)


Children look forward to trick-or-treating every year, but for parents, it can be a night filled with worry.  

Six volunteers from the 50th Security Forces Squadron will patrol Tierra Vista Community housing as part of the Boo Patrol Oct. 31 from 5:30-8 p.m. to ensure trick-or-treaters and their families stay safe.

One defender will patrol housing in a vehicle, while the remaining volunteers will patrol on foot.

Staff Sgt. Andrew Marosok, 50th SFS non-commissioned officer in charge of police services, and electronic security and lead for the event, said 50th SFS likes to make their presence known during Halloween.

“It kind of helps parents, because even though you’re on base, it gives them ease of mind,” he said.

Marosok added some parents may not be able to walk around with their kids while they trick-or-treat, so having extra security in the area may make it more accessible to families.

“It’s a little bit of an extra response, but with all of the kids and families being out and about, it’s easy for little ones to get lost,” he said.

Tech. Sgt. James Foster, 50th SFS non-commissioned officer in charge of plans and programs, volunteered for Boo Patrol in 2011.

“I volunteered this year simply to assist with keeping the community safe while the families are out dressed in their costumes, collecting candy and socializing with their friends and loved ones,” he said.

The 50th SFS volunteers will wear traffic vests so kids and parents can easily identify them for assistance.

“Kids can come and ask us where their parents are, and we will have radio communication so we’ll talk to each other to make sure we have all the areas covered,” Marosok said.  

“If there are any kind of issues,” he continued, “If your kid gets lost or you lose [them], or if there’s some sort of medical emergency, we have people there so we can expedite the response and direct people to where they need to go.”

Marosok shared important safety tips both children and parents can practice to ensure Halloween is not only fun, but safe.

“Make sure you’re always walking, you’re brightly lit, carry a flashlight and avoid being in the street, especially with darker costumes,” he said. “Utilize the buddy system, always be with one other person, whether it’s a sibling or parent.”

Marosok advises parents if they allow kids to go off by themselves, make sure they have a cell phone or another way of getting a hold of someone, as well as to have a fall back plan in case of an emergency.

“I hope to see the Tierra Vista Community do what they always do-come together for those who are not able to be in their own hometowns and keep the community safe so the families can enjoy themselves,” Foster said. “This is just one of the many opportunities security forces has to let the base know we are here for you.”

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