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Schriever shares super powers for Wingman Day


Bethany Bushhouse, 50th Operations Support Squadron resource adviser, removes a stencil used to create a glass etching at the “Power of Creativity: Glass Etching,” class during Wingman Day at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, Oct. 27, 2017. The glass-etching course was one of 27 classes Airmen participated in throughout the morning. (U.S. Air Force photo by Christopher DeWitt)


Jessica Norsky, Schriever spouse, instructs Airmen at the “Power of Jam!” class during Wingman Day at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, Oct. 27, 2017. Wingman Day featured more than 25 superpower-themed classes such as “Power of Creativity: Glass Etching,” and “Power of Professional Development: Officer Professional Development.” (U.S. Air Force photo by Christopher DeWitt)


Col. Jennifer Grant, 50th Space Wing commander, speaks during the Wingman Day opening event at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, Oct. 27, 2017. Wingman Day provides an opportunity for Schriever Airmen to step out of their workplace and social circles to spend a day engaging in education as well as team building. (U.S. Air Force photo by Christopher DeWitt)


Schriever Airmen spent the day “unleashing their super powers,” through learning and team building during Wingman Day Oct. 27.

“The purpose of Wingman Day is to take a pause from our daily operations and our day-to-day routine to focus on the resiliency skills we need to build to handle stress better and deal with adversity when it comes,” said Jessica Schroeder, Schriever community support coordinator and Wingman Day director. “By building our resiliency skills, or superpowers, it gives us a chance to withstand those stressors and grow in the face of adversity.”

Col. Jennifer Grant, 50th Space Wing commander, opened the event emphasizing Schriever Airmen’s power during an all-call in the base fitness center.

“This is a great opportunity to connect and spend time thinking about how we make our team here stronger,” Grant said. “We have a whole installation full of super people that are making things happen every day. Each of us has something to offer, some skill set, some aspect of our personality, that when we unplug and unleash we help to make each other stronger.”

The event featured guest speaker Lt. Col. Rena Nicholas, 460th Medical Group, director of psychological health.

 As one of only two board certified sleep specialists in the Air Force, Nicholas detailed the physical and mental effects of sleep and spoke to the importance of maintaining a proper sleep cycle.

“If we really want a world-class organization, prioritizing sleep matters,” Nicholas said. “Why sleep? It’s not just about performance, but also health. Every single health-related health concern will have a sleep vector associated with it.”

Nicholas highlighted various methods to improve sleep, including waking up at the same time consistently (even on weekends) to regulate one’s sleep cycle, and avoiding large meals before bed.

“This information matters, it makes a difference,” she said. “It helps you do better, it helps you feel better and down the road, it will make your health better as well.”

After Nicholas’ presentation, Schriever Airmen attended two out of more than 25 superpower-themed classes, such as “Power of Creativity: Glass Etching,” “Power of Professional Development: Officer Professional Development,” “Power of Practical Self Defense” and “Power of Finance: Home Buying 101.”

After completing two hours of classes, Airmen gathered with their unit for group cohesion activities.

Schroeder said the tried-and-true Wingman Day format of focusing on both the group and the individual continues to strengthen the sense of community on base.

“Through it (Wingman Day), we hit individual, unit as well as community levels of bonding and building,” she said.

She hopes this bonding and resiliency building will continue to trend in the future as Schriever’s heroes brace for future challenges.

“Through Wingman Day, we are able to come together as a community,” Schroeder said. “What’s unique about Schriever Wingman Day is Airmen are given a choice to pursue their own classes, so this community aspect and mechanism of providing choice is important.”

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