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Green Dot program seeks volunteers

green dot

Now in its third year, Schriever’s Green Dot program leaders rely on the program’s familiarity to move it forward and continue its success in the future. (U.S Air Force graphic by James Hodges)


Now in its third year of implementation, Schriever Green Dot program organizers are seeking volunteers to continue preventing power-based personnel violence and suicide in 2018.

"Now that people are more comfortable with Green Dot terminology and the program, we are able to build upon the first two years,” said Dr. Ken Robinson, 50th Space Wing violence prevention integrator. “I think the discussions will be richer in the class because people know what Green Dot is now.”

This year's focus will be on culture change and proactive behavior that will strengthen protective factors and relationships. The structure of the classes will remain the same, divided between 60-minute refresher classes for those who have already received prior Green Dot training, and 90-minute initial training for those who haven’t.

The four-hour “peer influencer training” will also continue and be offered quarterly.

Robinson said he strives to reach 100 percent wing compliance earlier than last year’s date of Oct. 30. To do this, he explained he needs to build the Schriever Green Dot team.

Anyone seeking to volunteer must schedule an interview with Robinson by Feb. 9.

"We are looking for people who are into teaching, have teaching experience, but also have a passion for reducing interpersonal and self-directed violence," Robinson said.

Once approved, volunteers will be asked to attend the Green Dot Front Range training workshop at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, Feb. 22, to learn this year’s curriculum.

Robinson said once volunteers are fully trained, the program is scheduled to kick-off early April.

Staff Sgt. Jordan Tubbs, 50th Civil Engineering Squadron non-commissioned officer in-charge of water and fuel systems maintenance and Green Dot coordinator, explained the benefits of volunteering.

"You get to enjoy getting out in the wing and teaching the curriculum to people," he said. “It’s a good product to teach, and the instructors are great.”

While most of the information is being withheld for the workshop, Robinson highlighted changes already being made across the Air Force, such as initial Green Dot training being mandatory for all trainees at Basic Military Training.

"It’s beneficial because it starts them thinking about prevention being part of your military life,” he said. “The earlier the better, it gives them an idea they have to take care of each other and to look out for signs.”

Additionally, Green Dot “action events” will now be called “community mobilizing initiatives.”

Despite these changes, the core goals of the program remain the same - to prevent power-based personnel violence and suicide as well as increase awareness in ways to prevent such violence in the Schriever community.

"Training the base and our people to step in when they see something going on that shouldn’t be is more important than anything,” Tubbs said.

He added he looks forward to a new year of Schriever prospering under the Green Dot program.

"Since we delivered a good product last year, we are going to have less hesitance," Tubbs said. “We are planning to deliver a more powerful product this year. Not only is the audience is more familiar with it - our instructors and coordinators are as well. I think we are going to get all-around more involvement and interaction.”

To schedule an interview, call Robinson at 567-2647.

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