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Commander’s Cup ensures Airmen are fit to fight


The 50th Space Wing Commander’s Cup trophy is awarded to the squadron that accumulates the most points through participation and victories in intramural sports and monthly fitness events throughout the year. The competition encourages friendly rivalries between squadrons. (U.S. Air Force photo by Brian Hagberg)


Executing the mission is one of the four major graded areas of the Commander’s Inspection Program. The purpose of CCIP is to effectively and efficiently provide commanders timely, relevant information to improve unit effectiveness. The theme for the 50th Space Wing’s CCIP is “Stay ready in the off season.” (U.S. Air Force graphic by Chris Blake)


The Schriever Air Force Base Fitness Center hosts both intramural and monthly sporting events to give Airmen the opportunity to compete in the 50th Space Wing Commander’s Cup. Points are awarded to squadrons based on participation and placement in events, such as the Bench Press and Deadlift competition, Jan. 26. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Halle Thornton)


Friendly competition is always welcome among Airmen when it comes to sports here they also represent their squadrons.

The 50th Space Wing Commander's Cup program is an incentive program designed to encourage all personnel (military, Department of Defense civilians and contractors) at Schriever and the 50th SW’s Geographically Separated Units to participate in a variety of fitness and recreational programs. 

“The Commander's Cup was around before I got here, but I modified the program by adding monthly events,” said Seth Cannello, 50th Force Support Squadron fitness center director. “Before that, it was merely intramural performance.”

Cannello explained the reason the wing has a Commander’s Cup is to encourage base members to compete in sporting events and to create a friendly rivalry between squadrons.

Additionally, the 2018 Commander’s Cup’s goal to staying fit to fight year-round coincides with the Wing Commander’s Inspection Program’s theme, “stay ready in the off season.”

Staff Sgt. Theodore Barnaby, 50th SW Inspector General evaluation management system manager, said the key to staying ready throughout the year is through self-assessment, identifying personal strengths and weaknesses.

He explained how the Inspector’s Program coincides with sports, and positions assigned to leverage each players unique skill set.

“You have a bunch of players who all have their strengths and weaknesses, and they are placed in different positions to take advantage of those,” Barnaby said.  

He went on to explain the emphasis of "staying ready," because it is not just about inspection preparation.

“That correlates to the practice you do with sporting events; you’re also staying fit and ready the entire time,” he said. “You don’t try and practice just the day before the game. That’s the mindset we have with the Commander’s Inspection Program.”

Rules for the Commander’s Cup:

  • The Commander's Cup incorporates two components: intramural sports and monthly sports.

  • Both components are points-based, and points are accumulated and factored into the annual Commander’s Cup.

  • The cup is awarded to the squadron with the most points earned throughout the year.

  • Intramural sports (basketball, volleyball, softball, flag football and wallyball) are conducted at Schriever various times during the year. 

  • Rules and point determinations are established by the fitness center staff.  Negative points will be given for any squadron that forfeits out of the league. 

  • Any squadron submitting two or more teams for the same league must designate the team competing for Commander’s Cup points prior to the start of the season. 

  • Only one team per squadron can earn Commander’s Cup points.  Only intramural sports offered at Schriever will be used to determine Commander’s Cup points. 

  • If two squadrons combine to form an intramural team, only the squadron submitting the team will earn points.

  • As with the intramural sports, monthly sporting events are conducted at Schriever according to a schedule. This schedule is subject to change and more events are occasionally added. 

  • Squadron sports representatives receive email messages describing upcoming events each year.

  • It is the sports representatives’ responsibility to make sure squadron personnel are aware of all activities. 

  • Events will also be posted in the 50th SW Public Affairs base bulletin. 

  • Fitness center staff establish rules and provide them to competitors prior to the start of each competition. Members participating in an activity will receive five Commander’s Cup points. 

  • Members will receive 50 points for first place, 40 points for second place and 30 points for third. 

  • If a squadron registers and does not compete, they will lose five points, even if they cancel prior to the start of an event. 

“I also use the points at the end of the year to determine when a squadron conducts their fit-to-fight sessions,” he added.

The first place squadron has first choice when selecting their squadron's basketball reservation and/or indoor running track date and time. 

“There are only a couple of times each day that are optimal, so having an early selection is critical to ensure your squadron has a ‘prime’ PT time,” Cannello said. 

Senior Airman Henriksen Liberis, 4th Space Operations Squadron protected technician, participated in various 2017 Commander’s Cup events, and was thrilled with his squadron’s overall victory at the end of the year.   

“I am really big on sports and a very competitive person,” he said. “Winning the cup by that big of a margin meant we absolutely dominated every squadron on base.”

For more information about the Commander’s Cup, contact the fitness center at 567-6628.

Upcoming Commander’s Cup events:

Jan. 26                       Bench Press and Deadlift Competition                       9 a.m.

Feb. 1-28                    Lazyman Triathlon                                                      TBA

March 14                    Annual St. Paddy’s Day Run                                      3 p.m.

April 20                       SARC Dodge Ball Tournament                                  9 a.m.

April 27                       Dart Wars                                                                   TBA

May 11                        The Murph Fitness Competition                                6 a.m.

June 8                         14th Annual Duathlon                                                8 a.m.

July 20                         Base Picnic Family 5K Run                                      7 a.m.

Aug. 3                          6th Annual Archery Tournament                               8 a.m.

Sept. 21                       POW/MIA Run                                                           TBA

Oct. 5                           13th Annual Half Marathon                                       7 a.m.

Nov. 16                        Turkey Trot                                                                3 p.m.

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