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EAP supports government civilians

EAP supports government civilians

The Air Force Space Command Employee Assistance Program is a voluntary program to help civilians work through various life challenges. EAP services are available and confidential to all civilian employees and their family members. (Courtesy graphic)

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Any number of personal problems can interfere with one’s work performance, health and overall happiness.

Fortunately, there is a program in place to offer assistance to employees of authorized federal agencies to resolve any issues they may be facing.

“The Employee Assistance Program is a newer program with the purpose of providing support to government civilians and their family members,” said Jessica Schroeder, community support coordinator for the 50th Space Wing. “We all have life stressors; they can be very different for each of us, but when they are present, it makes work-life balance difficult.”

The program took effect Air Force-wide October 2017.

“Through this program, government civilians can make a phone call to EAP and then be directed to a licensed EAP counselor, depending on the issue,” Schroeder said. “Once they have been connected to the right source, they have the option of meeting with a counselor in their local community for further assistance.”

Similar to the Airmen’s Military One Source, EAP provides financial, legal and counseling services, health and wellness orientations, supervisor and risk management consultations and crisis responses. According to Federal Occupational Health, if clients disclose life threatening situations, counselors are required by law to report these statements.

More specifically, EAP consultants are available to assist with stress management, life changes and transitions, budgeting, college savings, retirement planning and tax preparation.

Military and civilian supervisors of employees may also call to discuss issues and gain mentorship skills.

“While this program serves government civilians, it’s important for military supervisors to be familiar with it as well so they can recommend these incredible resources to them,” Schroeder said. “If a supervisor doesn’t know where to start, but they have concerns, EAP is a short phone call away and they can tap into their expertise.”

In addition to speaking with EAP consultants, employees or units may also request face-to-face seminars and webinars, which can be requested through Schroeder.

The program also provides educational kits, in-person elder care assessments, facility reviews, post-hospitalization assessments and care plans to employees.

Services are confidential and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information call 1-800-222-0364 or visit
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