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50th SW Annual Awards brings gold, glory

Awards Banquet

Capt. Portman Werner, chaplain for the 50th Space Wing, busts a move on the “red carpet” during the 50th SW Annual Awards Banquet at The Club, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, Feb. 9, 2018. Werner won 50th SW Company Grade Officer of the Year. (U.S. Air Force photo by Christopher DeWitt)

Awards Banquet

“Oscar” nominee trophies sit on display during the 50th Space Wing Annual Awards Banquet at The Club, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, Feb. 9, 2018. Each nominee received one as they were announced at the banquet. (U.S. Air Force photo by Christopher DeWitt)

Awards Banquet

Col. Jennifer Grant, center left, commander of the 50th Space Wing, and Chief Master Sgt. Jason Tiek, center right, command chief of the 50th SW, stand with 2017 Annual Awards Banquet winners at The Club, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, Feb. 9, 2018. This year’s theme for the banquet was centered around the Academy Awards. (U.S. Air Force photo by Christopher DeWitt)


The 50th Space Wing’s stars of 2017, their families, friends and supervisors all gathered to honor to successes of the year passed through food, fun and a little bit of fame at The Cub, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, Feb.9.

“This year’s vision, like all Annual Awards banquets, was to celebrate all of the nominees and make it the best event that we possibly could for them,” said Master Sgt. Ryan Klemcke, first sergeant for the 50th Mission Support Group and Wing Staff Agencies as well as awards banquet coordinator. “To that end, early in the year it was decided that there would be a ‘Night at the Oscar’s’ theme and we’d try to model it a bit after the Academy Awards.” 

The theme was executed through several glamorous decorations, such as large-scale trophies and a red-carpet runway, as well as a spotlight used to shine on the night’s nominees and winners.

Nominees started their night of fame with a medallion ceremony, which lead into a social hour before the official banquet.

Once guests were seated and prepared to cheer for their coworkers, the masters of ceremonies ran through the sequence of events, which included announcing all nominees as they entered the banquet hall through a saber arch.

“One of the best parts is watching the event unfold like you planned,” Klemcke said. “All of the brainpower the team had to put in and all of the practice that we had to execute is really worth it when you see the event coming together on the night of the ceremony.”

Awards attendees then enjoyed dinner, with a regular uproar of chatter and laughter breaking the hum of conversation.

An addition to the conversations which typically fill the room were a slew of shout-outs to friends, family, geographically separated units, their nominees and more who were able to look-in on the event through Facebook Live. Leadership from Col. Jennifer Grant, commander of the 50th Space Wing, to first-line supervisors were able to sing praises of not only their nominees but their units for the world to see.

As dinner closed-out and awards announcements began, groups and squadrons regularly overwhelmed the room with shouting and applause, among the loudest were the 50th Network Operations Group.

“I was exhilarated each time to know that NOG performance and performers were being recognized,” said Col. William Angerman, commander of the 50th NOG. “I was (and am) very proud of my group--both the award winners for what they’ve done in 2017 and the team that readied award packages: supervisors, squadron leadership and my group staff.”

Angerman went on stage to collect four awards on behalf of his group’s geographically separated unit winners, with two more given to his people in-person.

“I'm so proud of my group and the professionalism the men and women of the NOG display every day,” he said. “From AFSCN mission support to cyber defense to Schriever communications to GSU worldwide operations, 2017 was a very busy year.


“I'm very pleased with the teamwork demonstrated within the group, with our wing and with our mission partners,” he continued. “To the NOG--thank you for your service and sacrifice. Congratulations for a year well done.”


Having taken note of the NOG’s success, as Col. Grant took the stage, she poked some fun to keeping the energy going.


“Somebody needs to bring a U-Haul trailer because I think Col. Angerman took half the hardware here,” she laughed. “On a serious note, the energy in this room tonight is fantastic. I hope that each of you enjoyed the opportunity to get together like a family. That’s what this is: a family event to recognize our family members, for doing what we do best and being successful and just crushing it.”

Grant went on to thank all the volunteers who made the night possible as well as the families and supervisors for their hand in allowing the banquet to go on.

“This network of people, if you look to your left, look to your right and you look across the table, this is it. It doesn’t get much better than this- and as you listen to all the accomplishments and as you cheered on the nominees and then raged for the winners up here, this is what we do, this is who we are and it’s awesome,” Grant said. “What you do is awesome every single day.” 

The 2017 50th SW Annual Award winners are:


Senior Airman Alex Reza Jr.

50th Security Forces Squadron

Non-commissioned officer

Tech. Sgt. Bradley H. Pike II

50th Space Communications Squadron

Senior NCO

Senior Master Sgt. Philip E. Peters

50th Space Communications Squadron

First sergeant

Senior Master Sgt. Allen C. Le Vie

50th Operations Group

Company Grade Officer

Capt. Portmann J. K. Werner

50th Space Wing Chaplain’s Office

Field Grade Officer

Maj Scott A. Roberts II

50th Operations Support Squadron

Civilian Category I

Mr. Anthony R. Flowers

50th Civil Engineer Squadron

Civilian Category II

Mr. Nathaniel A. Bernardo

21st Space Operations Squadron

Civilian Supervisor Category I

Mr. LeeRoy H. Wymer

21st Space Operations Squadron

Civilian Supervisor Category II

Mr. Bryan R. Henderson

23rd Space Operations Squadron

Key Spouse

Mrs. Natalie S. McCoy

50th Security Forces Squadron

Detachment of the Year

Detachment 3, 21st SOPS

50th Network Operations Group

Innovator of the Year

Capt. Daniel B. Brunski

3rd Space Experimentation Squadron

Honor Guard Airman of the Year

Senior Airman Seth E. Leslie

4th Space Operations Squadron

Honor Guard NCO of the Year

Staff Sgt. Matthew A. Coleman-Foster

50th Space Wing Public Affairs


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