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Mock CRB board comes to Schriever

Mock CRB board

The Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, Family Advocacy Program will host a mock Central Registry Board at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, Nov. 14, 2018. The mock board will feature hypothetical cases and foster realistic questions asked by a panel of experts, similar to a real CRB. (U.S. Air Force courtesy graphic)


The Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, Family Advocacy Program will host a mock Central Registry Board at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, Nov. 14. 

A CRB is a meeting where various agencies come together to discuss cases of domestic violence and child abuse. It can foster solutions and approaches to complex topics.

The mock board is designed to assist commanders and first sergeants by simulating a real CRB to help them better prepare.

“This is a simulation which uses hypothetical cases to educate leadership on the Central Registry Board process to make them more comfortable and knowledgeable about the process if they have to attend one involving one of their members,” said Jeremy Roberts, Peterson AFB Family Advocacy Program assistant.

Each case is formulated based on previous experiences from the panel of experts, matching the flow and template of real CRB panels.

Roberts and Angela Lenn, Peterson AFB FAP assistant, are leading the Schriever AFB board. Lenn elaborated on the process.

“Attendees will be able to observe Family Advocacy staff playing the roles of those who are assigned to the board while we run through example cases,” she said. “It will feature roles of the six core members of the Central Registry Board and a unit's leadership (first sergeant, commander). We will open the mock board with some guidelines that have to be followed when attending a real CRB, then follow with a rundown of how the mock will go and allow a time for questions.”

Roberts highlighted how close the simulation is to the real thing.

“We treat this meeting exactly like a real CRB, the only difference is the cases are fake,” he said. “We simulate and review two hypothetical cases, as time allows, and run through them as we normally would during an actual CRB. They can also see how the automated decision tree works and look at the Family Advocacy definitions of what is considered domestic violence and child abuse.”

Lenn said with October being National Domestic Violence Awareness month, the board serves as a way to place emphasis on violence prevention.

“We know how important it is to reach out to the Airmen and educate them about our program and promote healthy communities,” she said.

“It is a great opportunity to not only educate leadership, but also provide some awareness and bring the topic of domestic violence to the forefront this month,” Roberts added.

In addition to helping prepare attendees, the mock board serves as a way to fulfill annual CRB training requirements.

Both Roberts and Lenn agree the board is a great opportunity for first sergeants and commanders to learn and familiarize themselves with the process, and a great opportunity to reach out to the Schriever AFB community.

“Often times, we have commanders and first sergeants who may have never attended a CRB before,” Roberts said. “Some are anxious because they don’t know what to expect and this gives them some comfort as they can see how the process works prior to attending a real one,” Roberts said. “We hold these events both at Schriever and Peterson to ensure leadership has the knowledge to appropriately represent their Airman and their families.”

“We come out to Schriever as much as they allow us to; we have partnered with other agencies on Schriever for many events and value the relationship we have at there,” Lenn added.

For more questions about the mock CRB and the FAP, contact the Peterson AFB FAP office at 556 – 8943.

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