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Lazyman Triathlon adds new challenges, extends until summer

Lazyman Triathlon

The Lazyman Triathlon gives you the opportunity to experience an Ironman competition in a more flexible time frame. Participants have the entire month of February to run 26.2 miles, swim 2.4 miles and bike 112 miles. (U.S. Air Force courtesy graphic by Joseph Montoya)


The 17th annual Schriever Air Force Base Lazyman Triathlon begins Feb. 1.

One hundred twenty-seven Airmen have signed up to complete 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bicycle ride and 26.2 mile run, the equivalent of an Ironman Triathlon in the month of February.

Those finishing the event have the option to continue throughout July, repeating the Lazyman each month plus “add-on challenges.” Each month will get progressively harder as extra challenges add up and carry on to the next month. Here is a breakdown of each month’s additional challenges:

·         March adds 26.2 miles on an elliptical.

·         April will have participants completing all of March events (Lazyman Triathlon plus 26.2 miles on the elliptical) along with 2,000 floors on a stair mill.

·         May adds 50,000 meters on the rower to all the events completed in April.

·         June adds 23,035 feet on the Jacob ’s ladder to all the events done in May.

·         For the finale, July adds the completion of the Murph challenge to all the events done in June. The Murph consists of a 1 mile run, 300 body squats, 200 push-ups, 100 pull-ups and a final 1 mile run. Competitors will schedule the Murph with the gym staff only after completing the rest of the events and will be given one hour to finish it.

According to Seth Cannello, 50th Force Support Squadron fitness center director and organizer of the Lazyman Triathlon, it takes a lot of dedication and planning.

“I think what happens is a lot of people think it’s not going to be that hard because people do it in a day (The Ironman), and it catches them by surprise, so what I tell people is to have a plan throughout the week,” he said.

Maj. Harvey Gaber, Air Force Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities program manager, participated last year and finds that following an exercise regimen based on cardio and endurance training plus eating a healthy diet is key.

“I feel like I have been training for this since my fitness test in October,” he said. “I’ve been going on long bike rides when the weather is good and the elliptical to get my cardio up for the pool.”

Cannello said the Lazyman is a great way to help Airmen tackle resolutions they made in January.

“By February, everything tapers off and they are back to their regular routine again,” he said. “What I want to do is get everybody that’s burned out and start off this new thing, giving people two months of solid exercise where hopefully it will become more of a habit and they will start exercising throughout the year versus just those two months.”

Gift cards from one of the event’s sponsors will be awarded to the first Airman to complete February’s Lazyman, the Airman who completes the most Lazyman Triathlons (to include the extra challenges) and a randomly selected finisher.

Additionally, every participant will receive a T-shirt.

Cannello encourages Airmen to sign up early so they can finish on time, but no later than noon Feb. 8.

Participants will track and report their activities on an honor system.

Every participant will be sent an Excel spreadsheet tracker that will help them plan and track each month’s activities. The trackers need to be emailed back to the gym staff for accountability no later than March 2 at noon.

The Terravista Communities pool is not available during this month due to maintenance.

Airmen can complete the swimming portion in the aquatics center at Peterson AFB, Colorado.

For more information or to sign up for the Lazyman Triathlon, contact the fitness center at 567-6658.

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