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Speed mentoring event to feature 50th SW leadership

Speed mentoring event to feature 50th SW leadership

Chief Master Sgt. Heather Moody, Air Force Space Command A1 chief enlisted manager, gives career advice to Airmen during a speed mentoring session at the event center at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, March 2, 2018. Airmen have the opportunity to attend a similar mentoring session that includes senior 50th Space Wing leaders in Building 210, Room 310, Feb. 26, 2019. (U.S. Air Force photo by Dennis Rogers)


Airmen at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, have the opportunity to participate in a speed mentoring event which includes senior 50th Space Wing leadership in Building 210, Room 310 Feb. 26.


Col. Jennifer Grant, 50th SW commander, and Chief Master Sgt. Boston Alexander, 50th SW command chief, headline a list of base leaders providing a unique opportunity for Airmen to receive candid, one-on-one advice.


“Speed mentoring is a fantastic opportunity for Airmen to receive feedback and gain insight from senior leaders who hail from a variety of backgrounds and experiences,” Grant said. “Each mentor can provide a unique perspective and lens through which Airmen can glean insight on everything from advantageous career decisions to Air Force processes to life in general.”


According to Master Sgt. Janelle Amador, 50th Force Support Squadron career assistance advisor, the event is a result of feedback from Airmen requesting it.


“We created this course in order to provide the same mentorship to the base populace that the company grade officers get during their CGO Professional Education Course,” she said. “I have had enlisted and wing leadership say it would be great to give all Airmen the same opportunity.”


To ensure quality time and attention, the event is limited to the first 18 Airmen who sign up. (Link provided at the end of this article.) Commanders and chiefs will serve as mentors with one of each at all tables. Airmen should bring prepared questions ranging from Air Force mission issues to professional development. After 12 minutes, a chime will sound and Airmen will rotate tables, repeating until the end of the session.


Airmen are reminded if they have any questions or concerns specific to a particular unit or its processes, it is proper protocol to have first given their leadership an opportunity to address them.


“This is a candid mentorship session where different leaders will give you different perspectives of today’s interests,” Amador said. “They will also give you advice on career progression and share what worked for them. To be able to hear so many different stories and perspectives helps set our Airmen up for success.”


While senior leaders continually make themselves available to Airmen, Amador said an opportunity to receive mentorship from so many at the same time and place is unique.


“It is very rare to get an opportunity like this,” she said. “It’s is a great opportunity for our Airmen because this mentorship session provides one-on-one mentorship opportunities with commanders and chiefs from around the installation in one place. As a young Airman, this is an opportunity I never had and strongly encourage anyone interested to take advantage of it.”


Although the event’s goal is to provide Airmen the value of learning from senior leaders, those leaders are also looking forward to learning from the sessions.


“Mentoring allows leaders the opportunity to take the pulse of the force in terms of what questions and concerns Airmen have to help us better align information and educational efforts with current needs,” Grant said. “Airmen who participate in this event will benefit from the knowledge of people who have been in the business of Airmanship for some time.”


The next speed mentoring session is tentatively scheduled for May 23 and will be shared with 50th SW Airmen via email through their chain of command.


To register for the event, visit:

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