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Nimble Titan: Experimentation with Collective Integrated Air, Missile Defense


ORLANDO, Florida – Eighteen nations and four international organizations from the North American, Asia-Pacific, European and Middle Eastern regions gathered in Orlando, Florida, March 31 through April 5 to collaborate on Nimble Titan 20, an integrated air and missile defense campaign of experimentation.  

The event, co-hosted by U.S. Central Command and U.S. Strategic Command’s Joint Functional Component Command for Integrated Missile Defense, provided a forum for allied and partner nations to explore policy imperatives and operational strategies for collective missile defense solutions.

As missile threats continue to proliferate in both quantity and technical sophistication, Nimble Titan focuses on integrating and synchronizing global missile defense planning and advocating for future capabilities to pace evolving challenges. 

“Your work here and continued support of Nimble Titan will ensure that your countries and organizations are moving forward, informed by the latest thought on effective multi-layered collective missile defense architectures,” said Col. Dwayne Bowyer, deputy commanding officer for JFCC IMD, to participants during a keynote address.

Nimble Titan provides a globally integrated scenario, set within a notional 10-year future timeline that allows members to experiment in an unclassified and non-attributional environment. As potential adversaries field more complex air and missile systems, the need for leveraging each other’s capabilities will become ever more relevant in the future. 

At Nimble Titan, allies and partners have the opportunity to explore the policy frameworks that will build relationships and inform senior administrations’ decision making on deterrence and response options. 

Participating nations and organizations have agreed to jointly concentrate their efforts to better address the current challenges of the world’s new security environment, where missile defense can add to an existing array of deterrence options. Issues of threat perception, regional and transregional command and control, space and cyber vulnerabilities also present challenges for the international community. To specifically address these challenges, the event utilized three separate seminars to stimulate interactive tabletop discussions and inform decision making on issues related to space, deterrence and non-kinetic effects.

The Nimble Titan 20 campaign began in November 2018 with a Campaign Design Conference where member countries and organizations collectively developed objectives that are explored throughout the remainder of the campaign. Nimble Titan culminates with a Senior Leader Event in September 2020, after nations have had the opportunity to explore regional, cross-regional and global solutions to integrated air and missile defense, against both regional and global threats. While there are national differences across the span of these actions and operations, a critical takeaway from Nimble Titan will be a shared understanding of the environment to create the conditions for unified action.

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