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Support agreements strengthen 50th SW, Schriever


Schriever Fire Department firefighters converse with flight crew members with UCHealth and Rocky Mountain Mobile Medical Unit at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, July 30, 2018. Firefighters had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with landing zones, equipment and procedures. (U.S. Air Force photo by Kathryn Calvert)

Kaeana Point

The 21st Space Operations Squadron, Detachment 3, operates Kaena Point Satellite Tracking Station’s, 60 years of space operations Feb. 28, 2019. The geographically separated unit in Hawaii has five separate agreements with different agencies that provide them support. (U.S. Air Force Courtesy photo)


Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, has more than 90 support agreements, either currently signed or in differing stages of development. Of those 90 plus agreements, about half are with 16 different sites around the world, the other half are at Schriever AFB.

“We have many agreements with local agencies both here at Schriever AFB and at many of our geographically separated units,” said Steven Hargrove, 50th Space Wing support agreements manager. “In many cases, the agreements provide for mutual or reciprocal support for such things as wildland fire management, protection of natural resources and fish and wildlife in the local area, the sharing of water resources at a remote location, family advocacy support from agencies and from local hospitals.

Hargrove said the largest agreement Schriever AFB has is with the Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center, which falls under the Missile Defense Agency.

“They are by far our largest mission partner,” he said. “The MDA is the most well-known mission partner, but we also have others that have a large presence here at Schriever AFB and may continue to grow as their mission grows.”

Additional units are the National Space Dense Center and the Joint Force Space Component Command.

Hargrove explained support agreements come in many different forms depending on the purpose of the agreement and the support required.

“Some of our agreements are very important in that they outline the specific base operating support we provide a mission partner, such as the MDIOC, and how much that support will cost,” he said. “This support comes in the form of utilities, custodial, communications, legal, force support, cargo screening and warehousing and facilities maintenance just to name a few.”

Hargrove added support agreements such as the MDIOC, JFSCC and National Spacer Defense Center also outline the manpower impact that supporting those units has on the 50th SW.

“The support agreement is used to gain more manpower authorizations to help support those mission partners,” he said. “Other agreements are very specific and may document the support for a particular program, event, emergency, etc. For example, we have Memorandums of Agreement with local hospitals, law enforcement and other agencies for such things as evacuations of schools in case of emergency, and agreements for various family advocacy programs.

Various agencies on base use support agreements, including the Schriever AFB Fire Department.

“We have a great partnership with Rocky Mountain Mobile Medical,” said Allen Perry, fire chief with the Schriever AFB FD. “They’re outstanding and we work really well together.”

Hargrove said the 50th SW has support agreements at our remote sites around the world who depend on support from their host base, and in some cases the nearest base to them.

“These agreements are often with other services like the Army and Navy,” he said.

Hargrove explained the GSU in Hawaii has five separate agreements with different agencies that provide them support.

“These agreements are key in outlining the responsibilities of each party, and to illustrate the tremendous support the local community provides us in the event we need it,” Hargrove said.

For more information about other support agreements, contact Hargrove at 567-6222.  

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