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The 50th celebrates its 70th anniversary as a wing

70th anniversary

The 1956 United States Air Forces Europe (50th Fighter-Bomber Wing) representatives to the Air Force Fighter Weapons Meet at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, included Capt. Coleman L. Baker, Lt. Col. Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager, Col. Fred J. Ascani, Maj. James A Gasser, and Capt. Robert H. Pasqualicchio (U.S. Air Force courtesy photo)

70th anniversary

50th Tactical Fighter Wing emblem, circa 1957-1991. Before becoming the 50th Space Wing in January 1992, the wing was the 50th Tactical Fighter Wing and before that the 50th Fighter-Bomber Wing. (U.S. Air Force courtesy graphic)

70th anniversary

Falcon Air Force Station leadership speak in unfavorable weather conditions in the days when Schriever Air Force Base was named after the nearby town of Falcon, Colorado, and was small enough to be classified as a station. It wasn’t until June 13, 1988, that Falcon AFS was renamed Falcon Air Force Base due to continual growth. It went on to be renamed as Schriever AFB in 1998. (U.S. Air Force courtesy photo)


In 1949 the Super Bowl and the cure for polio didn’t exist, and while there were only 48 states in May 1949, the 50th Fighter Wing was born and would eventually become the 50th Space Wing.

 1st Lt. Seth-Mitchell Trambulo, 50th Space Wing interim historian, said remembering our history is important.

 “It’s important we understand where we came from,” he said. “Our history can help tell us where we are going.”

 Master Sgt. Janelle Amador, 50th Force Support Squadron career assistance advisor, said history is constantly being created.

“Every Airman is a part of our history,” she said. “Each Airman’s job is just as important as the last. Seventy years of being a wing is significant when you consider all of the hard work and dedication that was put in.”

 Trambulo said the 50th has always been technologically advanced.

 “If you look at our history, we’ve always been on the forefront of technological innovation,” he said. “We started as an advanced fighter wing, and now we’ve moved to space and satellites and through it all we’ve played an active role in the defense of the United States.”

 Amador said our technological advances make us stronger as a wing.

 “Throughout our history, we’ve been innovators,” she said. “Changing missions, leadership and strategies over 70 years is a big deal, and the entire time we’ve lead the way. First with fighters, and now leading the way in space.”

 Trambulo said the progress made by the 50th SW is impressive.

“Looking back on where we came from makes it even more amazing as to where we’ve made it,” he said

 Trambulo said celebrating anniversaries is more than just recognizing a day.

“Seventy years is significant because that’s 70 years of success and growth,” he said. “That’s a long time and definitely deserves to be recognized.”

 Amador said it’s important for young Airmen to be aware of our history.

 “Airmen are our past and Airmen are our future,” Amador said. “It’s our traditions and heritage that have kept our wing so successful for so long, and it’s the Airmen who are going to continue this success.”

 Trambulo cited Col. Roger Dekok, the first 50th Space Wing commander, who recognized the history of the 50th when the 50th SW was activated January 30, 1992.

 “Today, we of the old 2nd Space Wing proudly take on the more than 50 years of history, lineage and traditions of the 50th Tactical Fighter Wing,” Dekok said. “We build on a proud past as we, the new 50th Space Wing, take the 50th Tactical Fighter Wing’s motto, ‘Master of the Sky’ to even greater heights.”

 To learn more about the history of Schriever Air Force base and the 50th contact the 50th Space Wing Historian’s Office at 567-6877.

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