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Looking forward – Telework and remote work guidance

U.S. Space Force

U.S. Space Force


The pandemic opened up opportunities for many El Paso County military agencies to demonstrate that telework could be successfully used to accomplish their mission. Employees across the Peterson-Schriever Garrison and our mission partners saw that teleworking offered flexible work arrangements that often increased their work-life balance and even resulted in maximized work productivity, but what does that mean for our Airmen and Guardians as we prepare for a post-COVID life?   

Looking forward, the Department of the Air Force is not looking to return to the status quo work environment pre-pandemic. Instead, DAF is encouraging commanders and supervisors to embrace the lessons learned about teleworking and remote work to shape our workforce into one that helps us recruit and retain the talent and skills we need to meet current and future mission demands.

DAF recently released the DAF Telework and Remote Work Guide which provides a user-friendly, easy-to-read reference to the pending DAF Guidance Memorandum, DoDI1035.01_DAFI 36-816 Telework Program. The guide contains information concerning the use of telework and remote work for all civilian employees and all military servicemembers.

The DAF guidance memorandum, will provide necessary clarification and expands the Department’s use of telework and remote work based on current lessons learned, pending a comprehensive review of the Department of the Air Force telework program. This new policy increases the stability and flexibility for Airmen, Guardians, and their families.

Although not everyone will be a candidate for teleworking or remote work, the policy provides additional tools and options for commanders and supervisors to help recruit and retain the talent needed. 

It is important to note that the ability to telework or work remotely still depends on the position eligibility, which is determined by:

1) The nature of work performed.

2) Whether or not telework or remote work would negatively impact the mission.

Additionally, teleworking on an emergency or situational basis can still be options for non-eligible positions when approved by supervisors and when circumstances warrant.

For questions and answers on the DAF Telework and Remote Work Guide policy, click here.


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