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Faces of Space – Spc. 4 Jeremy Block


U.S. Space Force Spc. 4 Jeremy Block, Delta 8 - Satellite Communications and Navigational Warfare, 4th Space Operations Squadron wideband communications satellite operator, talks about his time before and in the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force at Schriever Space Force Base, Colorado, August 16, 2021. Before his time in the military, Block lived on three continents during my 20s for school and work purposes. (U.S. Space Force graphic by Airman First Class Brooke Wise)


U.S. Space Force Spc. 4 Jeremy Block, Delta 8 - Satellite Communications and Navigational Warfare, 4th Space Operations Squadron, can now add ‘wideband communications satellite operator’ to his list of unique accomplishments. A self-driving car engineer, a grad student in Europe, a kendo martial artist: these are all ways to describe one singular individual from Corte Madera, California.  

“Prior to joining the military, I lived on three continents during my 20s for school and work purposes,” explained Block. “I held a number of jobs ranging from teaching in the U.S. to being a self-driving car engineer in Japan!”

Block spent time in Japan, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Belgium, and his time spent in every location had one thing in common: space.

“Everywhere I studied and worked, I always had a book or notes on space,” said Block. “I remember having my phone hidden under my desk as I watched the European Space Agency land on a comet during a lecture on international trade law. I have more notes in my notebook cataloguing that than I do about the intellectual property laws treaty we were learning that day.”

Once Block left Japan and returned to the U.S., he began his journey as a space systems operator in the U.S. Air Force. On September 1, 2020, he transferred into the U.S. Space Force when the transfer window first opened.

“I always knew I wanted to work in space, there’s no bigger picture than low-Earth orbit to infinity,” Block explained. “Space represents the next chapter in the human story. It’s where the future of humanity will be written.”

Block’s experience overseas lent a hand to his understanding and appreciation for international partnerships, which has aided him throughout his start in the Space Force.

“Meeting and working with individuals from all over the world has contributed to my appreciation for international cooperation between the U.S. and our allies in the domain of space operations,” said Block. “America and its allied partners conduct global operations ranging from disaster relief to combat coordination. Our interconnected network of communications satellites allows for us to provide these effects, which enable truly global operations in a way that only space can provide between ourselves and our allied partners.”

Block’s coworkers and leadership also recognize the crucial role that his previous experience has when it comes to completing the mission.

“He is a very humble and positive individual, who has an exceptional background and unique path to the military,” said U.S. Space Force Chief Master Sgt. Michael Rozneck, DEL 8 senior enlisted leader. “What [Block] accomplished before entering the military is mind-blowing to me. I soon realized that this is a special individual who deserves my attention and mentorship, and needs to be pushed and challenged.”

Block’s passion for knowledge and academics did not stop once he joined the military. Along with his experience, his thirst to better himself also contributes to his mission capability.

“Jeremy has a larger academic resume that I do, and continues to strive to learn more, all while remaining humble,” said U.S. Space Force Master Sgt. Albert Stoner, 3rd Space Experimentation Squadron superintendent. “Spc. 4 Block is the kind of Guardian you want to parade on stage and point out to others and say, ‘this is what you should strive to be’.” 

Despite his impressive resume and his long list of experience, Block has made it very clear where his heart truly lies and how proud he is to finally be a USSF Guardian.

“I have a strong connection to the service, and the military gives me the honor of serving the community that raised me,” said Block. “My father, grandfather and great-grandfather all served before me, and I’m honored to continue the legacy. For me, there’s no higher calling.”

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