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Chief’s Corner - week of Feb. 25

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- What do we support and defend at Schriever?

Space systems? Our families? The country? Freedom? All of these are great answers, but they are secondary to my question. The most correct answer is the United States Constitution, which enables us to support and defend everything else. If you are a military member or a government civilian, you swore/affirmed to "support and defend the Constitution" in that 72-word oath. If you are a contractor, you still support and defend the Constitution by being part of Team 5-0, no oath required.

My next question is; have you read the Constitution? Considering all of us have dedicated years of our lives to its defense, shouldn't we take a few minutes to read and understand this very important document? I encourage everyone to take the time to see for yourself exactly what it states, versus relying on others' interpretations and opinions of its intent.

The U.S. Constitution is the oldest and shortest written constitution of any major government in the world. It was the first of its kind because it recognized that human rights flow from natural law to the people, who then grant some of their power to the government. Other countries, past and present, rely on the government as the grantor of human rights. Our founders recognized the fact if the government creates its people's rights, then the government can take those rights away whenever it sees fit. By recognizing our rights are inalienable, our founders shifted governmental power to "we the people." The U.S. Constitution was built around this fundamental fact and resulted in the creation of the greatest nation in the history of the world.

That is why we support and defend the United States Constitution. You are all men and women of great honor and distinction, serving your nation. It is my privilege to serve with you.
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