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Chief’s Corner - week of Feb. 11

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- An Air Force test you should never fail

What if I told you, I was going to give you a four question test, and if you fail the test, it will have long lasting negative impacts on your career?  I will give you the answers to the test in advance, and you get at least six months to prepare.  How can you fail?  You should be motivated to do well; your future employment depends on it.  You have plenty of  time to prepare and it's an open book test.  Yet, thousands of Airmen fail every year.  Of course I'm talking about the Air Force Fitness Assessment. 

When I take the assessment every year, I always ask the Airmen testing with me if they're ready.  Most are ready, but I'm still amazed at a few of the answers I get.  I've heard everything from "I hope I have a good test today," which tells me they haven't actually taken the test to know where they are, to Airman telling me they work out five days a week and then go on to describe a workout, which doesn't include push-ups, sit-ups or running.  Like I said, amazing. 

The following are just a few things I have learned during the past 26 years of FA to help you never fail this test. 

- Take the test to prepare for the test.  It shouldn't be a mystery to you what you're going to score on test day.

- Push-ups, sit-ups and running should be part of your year-round workout regimen.  You should be able to pass the test any day of the week.  Passing the test score in the 90s should be your minimum fitness goal.  Being able to squat 300 pounds does not help you pass the test.

- Don't try to gut-it-out the day of the test.   If something is wrong, leg hurts, sick...stop, tell the tester you don't feel well enough to take the test, and go see a doctor.  I've seen very healthy people fail because they thought they could push through it.     

The FA and your fitness in general are important.  It needs to be a priority in your day, and not the first thing that gets cut out.  Passing the assessment is an individual responsibility. You know it's coming, and you should never fail.  See you in the gym.

One last note: I didn't touch on the abdominal measurement part of the test because that leads to diet, eating habits and more than I can cover in Chief's Corner.  If you need help with that, contact the Health and Wellness Center at 556-5787.  And always, if something hurts, stop what you're doing and see a doctor.
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