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Chief's Corner - week of Sept. 10


One advantage of deploying to a bare base with little to no Wi-Fi is you tend to read "real books" a lot.  One particular book I read during my last deployment that stuck with me was "Leadership and Self-Deception." (It also happens to be on Chief Cody's reading list.)

There are several reasons why the book stood out to me and why I feel everyone should read it.  First, it is easy to read and follow the message the author is trying to get across... how "to get out of the box."  Second, it is less than 200 pages, so it only takes a few hours to read.  Third, and most important, anyone who reads it will reap benefits in their work center as well as in their personal lives. 

The Arbinger Institute, the publisher of the book, did an amazing job setting the story in a work center where a new senior manager is about to receive his "initial" feedback session from the executive vice president and president of the company.  Not much different than the Airman Comprehensive Assessment format; the new senior manager is asked how he thinks he is doing, and like a lot of us in the Air Force, thinks he is doing exactly what the boss wants.  As it turns out he was not doing exactly what the company expected from him, and the executive VP and president of the company provided him with feedback that put him on the path to thinking "outside the box."  I hope you see a theme; the process is very similar to the Air Force ACA process.  I have only scratched the surface of what you will get out of reading the book and certainly cannot do justice as to what "self-deception" and "being inside the box" is and how to "get out of the box."  You have to read the book yourself to get the full effect.    

One last piece of advice; you must have an open mind when you read the book. Don't be too hard on yourself if you discover you have been thinking "inside the box"... most of us do, we just don't realize it.  So, with all the benefits you can gain and with the possibility of discovering new ways to approach people and situations in life, get to reading... you will not regret it. 
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