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Schriever welcomes new dietician

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- If you want to eat healthier, lose weight, gain muscle, quit smoking or learn CPR, do you know where to go or who to ask?

Well look no further than Schriever's new dietician, Tifanny Brunton, or Schriever's Health Promotion Coordinator, Capt. Kathleen Kossler, for all your health questions and nutrition needs.

Brunton and Kossler have only been working together for two weeks, but have already made great strides to offer more classes and programs to Team Schriever.

"You don't need a referral to see me," said Brunton. "You do need an appointment though for a one-on-one session."

Those appointments are made by calling the Access to Care Line at 719-524-CARE(2273).

"I will be here every Thursday to host classes and meet with anyone who wants to," Brunton said.

The classes and services are available to any person with base access.

"We want to reach as many people as we can," said Kossler. "Our services are not only for the military members but for their families as well."

"We offer one-on-one nutrition classes and information on a multitude of topics such as diabetes, cholesterol, sports nutrition, weight gain, weight loss and supplements," said Brunton.

The process is meant to be simple for seeking nutritional guidance, according to Brunton.

"We start by reviewing what the person's goals are, do some background and build an ideal day, not necessarily a meal plan," she added. "We'll then schedule a date to meet back up and see how everything worked out."

The classes will differ from month to month with a different theme. July's theme, Summer Nutrition, is targeted toward meals during the barbeque and traveling season.

"A lot of times people know what the healthy choices are but they need a little guidance," said Brunton. "The classes give people a fresh perspective and we want to make it more fun and more interesting."

As for those interested in quitting smoking, Kossler has organized a tobacco cessation program beginning soon.

"We will be offering the American Cancer Society Fresh Start program to anyone interested in quitting smoking," said Kossler. "There will be four sessions, one every Friday, beginning July 24."

If someone is interested in quitting smoking they must attend the first session where a pharmacist will screen them for potential medications.

"We want to lower our tobacco usage on base," said Kossler. "My goal is to improve everyone's health."

As for the tobacco cessation class, it's more of a support system, according to Kossler.

Additionally, physical fitness classes and clinics will be available.

The Colorado Running Company will be hosting a running clinic and a gait analysis here August 6 as part of a health promotion initiative.

And for those who can't attend classes Kossler has other resources available.

"We want everything to be hands-on and personal," said Brunton.

Also, Brunton is offering presentations to units who want more nutrition information.

There is also a bod pod available, which is a body fat measuring capsule, 2:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. every Thursday in Building 500 for anyone interested, and walk-ins are welcome. Requirements are no food or exercise for at least two hours prior to the bod pod.

The two agreed their motivation is taking care of the base.

"If people are eating better, they're feeling better and they can focus more, which leads to less time lost," said Brunton. "We're supporting the mission."

For more information on upcoming classes or general nutrition please contact health promotion at 567-4292.
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