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Schriever Airmen recognized for promotion

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Congratulations to the following Team Schriever members recognized for promotion to technical sergeant.

Staff Sgt. Christopher Alexander, 50th Space Communications Squadron
Staff Sgt. Evita Armstrong, 25th Space Space Range Squadron
Staff Sgt. Richard Atkins, 4th Space Operations Squadron  
Staff Sgt. Niles Bartram, 50th Security Forces Squadron
Staff Sgt. James Beck, 3rd Space Experimentation Squadron
Staff Sgt. Christopher Bouma, 527th Space Aggressor Squadron  
Staff Sgt. Benjamin Bowles, 50 SCS  
Staff Sgt. Amanda Buckholdt, 21st Medical Squadron
Staff Sgt. Michael Butler, 50th Civil Engineer Squadron  
Staff Sgt. Zachariah Cahill, 50 SCS  
Staff Sgt. Jason Cordell, 527 SAS
Staff Sgt. Cody Deyoung, 50 SCS
Staff Sgt. Santana Forney, 2nd Space operations Squadron 
Staff Sgt. Adam Gonzales, 11th Space Warning Squadron 
Staff Sgt. Nicholaus Griffin, 1st Space Operations Squadron
Staff Sgt. Jerrycho Ibay, 527 SAS  
Staff Sgt. Garrison Jones, 3 SES  
Staff Sgt. Michael Kennedy, 50 SFS
Staff Sgt. Shawn Koutsouros, 50 SCS
Staff Sgt. Daniel Kulkoski, 1 SOPS 
Staff Sgt. Matthew Lampman, 50th Operations Support Squadron  
Staff Sgt. Peter Leigh, Air Force Technical Applications Center Detachment 46
Staff Sgt. Joe Lovick, 50 SCS  
Staff Sgt. Timothy Martin, National Reconnaissance Office   
Staff Sgt. Patrick Muncy, 11 SWS
Staff Sgt. Johnson Njenga, 21st Medical Squadron
Staff Sgt. Kyle Norris, 50 SCS  
Staff Sgt. Joseph Pecora, 50th Operations Group
Staff Sgt. Christopher Rodgers, 25 SRS
Staff Sgt. Evan Rush, Technology Operations Squadron Launch
Staff Sgt. Brett Vankirk, Technology Operations Squadron Launch
Staff Sgt. Christopher Vastine, 22nd Space Operations Squadron
Staff Sgt. Jason Wassom, 50th Operations Group
Staff Sgt. Donald Wentworth, 50 SCS
Staff Sgt. Rondy Williams, 50 SCS
Staff Sgt. Tabitha Williams, 1 SOPS  

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