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Mobile kiosk available at fitness center

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Schriever Air Force Base squadron physical training leaders will have another option to add to their workout regimens in the form of a mobile fitness kiosk recently acquired by the fitness center.

The kiosk, which offers instructor-led classes similar to the permanent kiosk currently in the aerobics room, projects the course on to a large, collapsible screen, and because the kiosk itself is on wheels, it can be used anywhere there is space and an electrical outlet.

"It will be a good tool for people to bring into the gym, set up and do squadron PT," said Seth Cannello, Schriever Fitness Center director. "I'm just envisioning a squadron coming into the basketball court, setting it up and doing 45 minutes of an instructor-led class."

Cannello said the kiosk, and staff training on its use, was purchased by the Air Force services agency. He said he hopes it will provide a good change of pace for PTLs, especially when there is inclement weather.

"I think the real benefit is for the PTLs, they can just say they're going to do this class, on this day versus having to come up with an exercise regimen all on their own, it's already done for them," Cannello said. "If it's raining and nasty outside and their plan was to go out and run, now they can use the gym and change it up a little bit."

Cannello said his staff offered the Step Aerobics class for the 50th Force Support Squadron during one of its squadron PT days and the response was very positive.

"The day we received our training [on the kiosk] FSS did squadron PT," he said. "They did the Step Aerobics class and it seemed like everybody had a good time. I talked to a few people and they said they enjoyed it."

Fitness center staff member Natalie McCoy will be incorporating mobile kiosk training, including set-up and use, into the next session of PTL training June 17. She said the additional class offerings provided by the mobile kiosk will be especially beneficial when PTLs are working with Airmen on a profile.

"There's a pregnancy section that can help PTLs stay within the profile, and there's a Fit for Duty section if someone has failed a PT test to give them more options [for training]," she said. "I think the biggest benefit is that it's mobile and has options."

The Fit for Duty classes contain Department of Defense custom content and if Team 5-0 members have ideas or suggestions for additional content, the manufacturer, Wellbeats, will take input to make the program more efficient, McCoy added.

McCoy said the mobile kiosk can also be used by those participating in Boot Camp in cases of inclement weather or if the instructor can't be there.

"If the Boot Camp instructor can't be there, they can just wheel out the kiosk and pick a class," she said.

In addition to the slate of adult classes, the mobile kiosk also has a Youth section that can be used by kids from the School Age Program and Child Development Center when they use the basketball court as well.

"This will give them something else to do as a group besides just playing basketball or dodgeball," Cannello said.

Cannello said his ultimate goal is to have PTLs able to set up the system themselves so can create their own regimens and have options besides mock PT tests when the weather is bad.

"I just think it's another unique opportunity for people to exercise," Cannello said. "I would really encourage PTLs and squadrons as a whole to come over and give it a try. This is just another way to train."

For more information, contact the Fitness Center at 567-6628.
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