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Schriever Air Force Base Wingman Day

Schriever Air Force Base Wingman Day

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- ACE-ing being a Wingman means asking someone how they are doing. It means listening to what they have to say. It also means knowing how to assist them by familiarizing yourself with available resources which can assist them.

Every year, Air Force bases hold two Wingman Days to promote resilience throughout the force. This year, Schriever Air Force Base is holding its Wingman Day April 21 and 22.

Each unit is coordinating their own day's events and team building exercises to include training. Wing Man Day

In a memorandum for all major commands, the Air Force Community Action Information Board directed an Air Force-wide Wingman Day in winter 2011 to reinforce the Wingman concept as the foundation to building resilient Airmen.

The letter states, "The highlight of the day is the use of small group discussions among co-workers to provide skills and strategies related to health, mission performance and unit cohesion."

Jena Bienia, 50th Space Wing community support coordinator, serves as the point of contact for the groups on base to help plan our Wingman Day here.

"This day enables us to devote time away from the work place to focus on cohesiveness," said Bienia. "Focus on the well-being of your Airmen."

Beinia said each unit has the ability to be as creative as possible with planning.

"One unit is bringing in a motivational speaker, another is planning a softball game, some are going hiking and one is planning a pot luck," she said. "It's really great to see."

The day promotes an opportunity for peer-to-peer communication. This Wingman Day will focus on suicide prevention training as well as support team building.

"I just hope everyone has fun," said Bienia. "The goal is 100 percent participation."

She said she can see the results of every Wingman Day directly. She receives feedback and analyzes the results to improve future events.

"It's a great feeling to be able to help people through informing them about what is available," she said.

She added there are various resources available for a wide variety of needs. There are Airman and Family Services, which provide child care at the CDC (567-4742), the Airman & Family Readiness Center,  which provides services for better quality of life (567-3920), Family Advocacy (556-8943, Equal Opportunity (567-4619), Mental Health (567-4619), Chapel Programs (567-3705), Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Program (567-7272), and Community Support Coordinator (567-2315).

Wingman Day will conclude 2 p.m. April 22 with a commander's all call at the Schriever Fitness Center.
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