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Knowledge operations to offer mobile training service

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Knowledge Operations Mobile Training Teams will visit units by request starting April 1 in order to train and re-train personnel on records management, SharePoint and Privacy Act policies, among other things.

The Knowledge Management Center consists of the designated 50th Space Wing SharePoint administrators, Privacy Act, Freedom of Information Act and records management subject matter experts. The mobile training teams were created to help units find solutions to self-identified problem areas within those programs.

"The mobile teams are there to make sure units needing help maintaining (those programs) get it," said Tech. Sgt. Meegan Haynes, NCO in charge Knowledge Operations programs. "It's a way to let the base know that we're here, we handle these programs, we're good at it and we can make you good at it too."

They will not be performing inspections or staff assistance visits, which are graded upon completion. Their purpose is to provide training and implement process improvement with Knowledge Management Center programs.

Haynes stressed the mobile teams are there to assist units after the unit has made a self-assessment and identified potential areas of improvement.

This is part of the 50th Space Wing's Commander's Inspection Program's goal of maintaining efficiency in all programs through self-evaluation processes.

"It's not a SAV, it's not an inspection and we're not going to write units up for anything," Haynes said. "We have our times when we do inspections, but that's not what the mobile team is about. We are here to help you."

Haynes added she doesn't want units to feel as though the mobile teams are looking for things being done incorrectly.

"Ideally it would be the exact opposite of an inspection," said 2nd Lt. Christopher Babcock, officer in charge Knowledge Operations. "With an inspection, you have a team coming in looking at what you're doing and telling you how you're doing it wrong. With the mobile team, the unit will be identifying areas to us where they need improvement and we'll take those areas and try to hand back some better programs, processes and content management systems."

Air Force Instruction 33-396 defines the mobile team role as "a type of consultancy where the KMC works one-on-one with individual organizations to refine and improve the knowledge lifecycle within that organization."

KMC team members have been doing sustained and contingency operations for a while, but part of the Air Force vision for KMC was to add a mobile element, Babcock said.

"I see three core capabilities associated with the mobile team: development, training and improvement," Babcock said.

Babcock said those three capabilities really build upon one another. The mobile team can help a unit create a SharePoint site from scratch, implement content management systems and programs or help get a new idea off the ground as part of the development aspect. Assisting site owners and administrators with understanding how to fully utilize existing programs falls under the training capability. The improvement capability consists of process improvement and sharing best practices.

The mobile teams will also provide process improvement for workflows and help personnel safeguard squadron shared drives. This process improvement capability is new to the KMC career field and is expected to be available in June, once the team completes its own training.

"We are all about to go to training to be certified so we can come in and be given any workflow, look at the process and streamline it," Haynes said.

The KMC team wants to get themselves up to speed on this new aspect of the career field before offering assistance to the rest of the base, Babcock added.

AFI 33-396 says the mobile consults can be done annually or upon request. Units wishing to request a mobile team visit can do so by calling 567-2023/6001, emailing the KMC workflow or by selecting a date on the KMC SharePoint calendar. KMC asks that requests be made 30 days prior to the requested visit date in order to ensure both the unit and mobile training team are fully prepared for the visit. Requests can be made immediately; however, the mobile training teams will not make any visits prior to April 1.

Units should plan visits as far in advance as possible, keeping exercise and inspection schedules in mind as times to avoid, Haynes said.

For more information, or to schedule a mobile team visit, contact KMC at 567-2023.
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