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Chief’s Corner - week of Dec. 4


There are many kinds of support we see during our Air Force journey.  It is well known that support is critical to any operation, task or situation.  Sadly, support is often overlooked until it is absent, despite how vitally important it really is.  In my time in the Air Force, I have observed this reality many times and have come to value the interdependence we enjoy as a military institution.  No job is truly done in our Air Force without a tremendous amount of support and teamwork.  In reality every task or job we do is supporting something or someone else, so we are all really support when it comes down to it.  I wish to highlight a different kind of support today --an important form of support that doesn't happen to reside inside the confines of the workplace.  The support I am alluding to comes from families.
Sometimes silent, overlooked and underappreciated, our military families stand as an unwavering and unyielding safety net for our team.  They endure long hours of solitude and our irregular work hours.  They take on the entire family workload when we deploy.  They endure sometimes poor communication on our whereabouts and are expected to flex to our commitments on a regular basis, and do so without complaint.  They carry on with the daily burdens of life with no expectation of reward.  All told, our families put up with a lot, and are critical to our success. 

The military family, to me, is the epitome of support.

As I reflect on this reality, I can't help but think of how thankful I am for our families.  We speak of the importance of resilience in our Air Force, but for many of us a shining example of resiliency is right in front of us.  Whether it is our wife or husband, mom or dad, sister or brother, or our children, the support we get from them is a hidden source of tremendous strength that enables us to be our best.  As we go into the holiday season, please spend some time reflecting on the support you get from your family--and thank them for what they do. Don't wait until the support is absent to notice and appreciate its impact.  Value them in the here and now.  After all as they say in the MSG, "Without Support....Mission Abort."
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