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Chief's Corner - week of Oct, 30

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Doing things right vs. Do the right things
What is the difference?  What does that mean? Tactical thinking is doing things right, while strategic thinking is doing the right things. Total force Airmen are trained and programmed early in their career to do things right.  There is a very subtle distinction which is lost on many in management and leadership roles. They become caught up in making sure that things are always done right without first seeing if they are actually doing the right things. We are experiencing an unprecedented amount of reduction in resources, to include money, people, and equipment.  So how do we figure out how to accomplish the mission with limited resources?  The answer is to shift our thinking from tactical to strategic.  Strategic thinking is not just about big picture focus and ideas that come from higher headquarters.  It includes the concept of "Every Airmen is a Sensor."  The Airman at the lowest level is the best sensor on how to make recommendations in doing the right things.
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