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Telephone Operator Services transition across AFSPC

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Air Force Space Command telephone operator services will be removed and replaced by automated tools at the beginning of the new fiscal year, with each base developing their own transition plans.

The Air Force and the entire Department of Defense have experienced increased budgetary pressure over the last several years.  In response to these budgetary pressures, AFSPC has examined numerous functions and services that could be performed more efficiently and with less cost.  One area studied was the telephone operator services.

After an extensive review of call volumes and requirements, the determination was made that these functions could be automated across the command.
AFSPC in conjunction with the AFSPC Cyberspace Support Squadron, and functional experts from Peterson, Buckley, Los Angeles, Schriever and Vandenberg Air Force Bases developed a way ahead.  The plan is not only more cost effective but continues to provide those services using collaborative tools, automation, existing enterprise services (such as SharePoint) and portal sites as alternate means to meet requirements for services which the telephone operators currently provide.

The majority of service changes will begin Oct. 1. However Schriever will continue to provide the current level of service through March 31, 2015. 
Customers will experience changes to directory and base locator services, teleconference scheduling, morale calls, and Hearts Apart calls. Alternatives to the above mentioned services include:

- Directory services will be handled through the established automated call tree 24/7.

- Teleconference scheduling done via a self-help SharePoint calendar.

- Morale calls can be transferred to a toll-free switch.  Deployed members who previously called back to their home station through our operators will be able to direct dial DSN 809-463-3376 from their deployed location and automatically connect to make stateside toll-free calls.  Upon calling the DSN number above, members will hear a second dial tone.  The member will then follow standard calling card procedures to make their call.

- Hearts Apart calls for local family members will be available through the Airman and Family Readiness Center during their normal duty hours.

In the current fiscal environment, the team could not justify continuing support services requiring operator intervention when the same services could be provided by alternate means.  Across the command, this initiative will save $1.4 million a year. 

This initiative directly aligns with the Secretary of the Air Force's "Make Every Dollar Count:  All In, All The Time" campaign.
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