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Chief's Corner - week of June 26

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Is there enough evidence...?

Is there enough evidence to prove that you are a professional? Retired Gen. George S. Martin spoke these words at a leadership seminar in Nov. 2013. The question would soon influence many areas of my own life. Here are just a few of those areas that I began to introspectively assess. Is there enough evidence in my own life that would suggest I am guided by my faith? Is there enough evidence that says, "My family is a top priority?" And is there enough evidence to say I am 100 perecent "All-in," for whatever the task is at hand. For each of you, the areas for self-examination may be different than the ones I've shared. However, the one area we all should examine is the evidence that point to our professionalism. Now, the skeptic might say that I am calling out a person's professionalism by simply asking that question. Yet, let me say, this is far from that notion. Instead I hope this is a reminder to all that our professional conduct is on display every day. Air Force Doctrine Document 1-1 says, "People are watching us, not to see us fail, but to see us live up to their expectations. Anything less risks putting the heritage and reputation of the Air Force in peril."

Airmen of all ranks look to the professionals in their life for mentorship and guidance. The evidence which would point them in your direction may very well be the way you live out our core values. Perhaps it's your attitude, your compassion and genuine interest in their personal and professional development that motivates them to follow you or seek you out for guidance. Maybe it's your fair but firm style of leadership, or your passion for service that draws them to you for direction. Trust this: the evidence indicating you're a professional and that you are someone who has something to offer has to be there or else they will not come to you. So, I challenge you to look hard at the evidence in your own life that will either confirm or disprove you are the professional you believe yourself to be. Is there enough?
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