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Safety office adds twist to ‘Critical Days of Summer’ campaign

(courtesy graphic)

(courtesy graphic)

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- The roughly 90 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are what's known throughout the Air Force as the Critical Days of Summer. The warmer weather brings an increase in outdoor activities, but also brings an increase to the risks associated with those activities.

Normally, the 50th Space Wing Safety office implements a summer time campaign in an effort to combat mishaps and accidents, but this year, they've planned something extra.

"Rather than sitting back and listening to us preach about safety all summer, we're prompting Team Schriever members to play an active role in creating safety messages for the base populace," said Tech Sgt. Alejandro Torres, 50 SW NCO in charge of ground safety. "We've created a safety challenge, or a competition between units on base."

Each squadron will compete for a Critical Days of Summer Safety Hard Hat, which will be moved around each year as a new unit wins. Small units need not worry because the awarded points will be weighted according to squadron size.

Units can earn points in a number of ways, such as submitting a safety post to the Schriever Facebook page, conducting safety surveys or safety spot inspections, creating a safety slogan for the base marquee or conducting a safety briefing for a unit other than their own.

"It's important to note that we don't want unit safety representatives doing all of the work for their unit," Torres said. "The idea behind this campaign is to invite people to participate in their unit safety activities."

One key feature of the campaign allows two units to coordinate, thereby creating points for both organizations, but also helping units develop familiarization with other squadrons.

"For instance, it may allow members of a security forces unit to visit a civil engineering shop, where they look at the CE shop from a purely safety aspect," Torres said. "The CE shop can conduct their own spot inspection in the SF shop. This action can be helpful because it provides a fresh set of eyes for both units."

All briefings and safety activities must be reviewed and approved through the 50 SW safety office, so there will be process oversight.

Safety activities can also coincide with the 50 SW Safety office's focus of the week, which can be found at the Schriever Sharepoint page at The focus weeks are themed by movie titles. For instance, this week's focus is "Wild Hogs," which corresponds to motorcycle safety. Next week's focus is labeled "IronMan" and corresponds to sports safety.

"Throw in a little friendly competition between commanders and we are tackling all three pillars of our safety strategy," said Lt. Col. Nate Iven, 50 SW chief of Safety. "This challenge will increase leadership involvement, communicate, and build a solid safety foundation and competence for our units."

For more information on about the Critical Days of Summer Safety Challenge, visit the Schriever Sharepoint page or call the 50 SW Safety office at 567-SAFE.
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