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Chief’s Corner - week of May 22

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- You are different

Have you ever been told you are different? Well, I am here to tell you, the individual who told you that statement was right. Here is why.

You are different because you get up every day and put on a uniform in defense of your county. You do it voluntarily for reasons no one else can understand. Whether that commitment is four or 30-plus years, you are part of less than one percent who serves the country as a member of the Armed Forces.

You are different because you belong to the profession of arms. You are entrusted with the security of our nation. The tools of your trade are lethal, and you engage in operations, either directly or indirectly that involve risk to human life and untold national treasure.

You are different because you live by a set of core values that remind you what it takes to get the mission done. They inspire all whom embrace them to do their very best at all times. They are the common bond among all comrades in arms, and they are the glue that unifies the force and ties us to the great warriors and public servants of the past.

You are different because you swore to adhere to an unlimited liability clause. You accept the risk of serious harm or of death, true service before self. You know if you are called on to lay down your life for your country, for your family and for your fellow Airmen, you will do so in the name of patriotism.

So the next time someone looks at you and says, "You are different," hold your head high and agree with them because I am proud to be different with you.
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