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Chief’s Corner - week of May 1


The mission has no pause button and will not relax in light of fiscal constraints or force management. Today's Air Force is the leanest it has ever been. We continue to operate with less and our numbers will only decrease. Some individuals have been left to ponder how we can continue to sustain effectiveness with such a lean force and increasing demands. One key principle will allow us to achieve even greater success with far less: endurance. Endurance, in this instance, means the ability to last, the ability to use ingenuity and fortitude to adapt and overcome the new challenges set before us.

Regardless of the size of our force or financial restriction, we will continue to ask Airmen to sacrifice. Airmen will leave families, friends and co-workers behind in order to prepare themselves to fight across all spectrums of conflict. Work centers in-garrison will be required to do even more with less money and manpower. All Airmen, military and civilians, will be tested; venturing out of personal and professional comfort zones in order to fill the voids left in the wake of budgetary concerns and force management. It will be demanded of each of us to be innovative and creative in searching for newer, more streamlined processes. How will we as a force survive in the face of unrelenting challenges ahead? We will endure as our predecessors did. From military ballooning, to the use of autonomous aircraft, to today's space-based satellite systems, our force has adapted while maintaining excellence as necessity. Once again, endurance will be our impetus.
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