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Chief's Corner - week of Feb. 13

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- The past few days capped off a great week for Schriever. On a Thursday evening, we watched five senior airmen join the NCO Corps as they graduated from Airman Leadership School and sewed on their new stripes. On a Friday afternoon, we welcomed 11 new Airmen into the wing as they completed the First Term Airman's Center and were handed off to their new squadrons. Then on Friday night, we honored the best of the best at the 50th Space Wing's Annual Awards Banquet. Admittedly, it has been a tough few months for Team Schriever and the rest of the Air Force. The wing lost three fine Airmen in November and the uncertainty that came from the fiscal 2014 force shaping release caused many Airmen to wonder if they would still be wearing a uniform this time next year. We needed these celebrations to help us remember that despite some tragedies and setbacks, the Air Force will continue. We will continue to train new Airmen to someday take our place, continue to develop Airmen into NCOs to lead the next generation of Airmen, continue to recognize greatness at every level and continue to "Fly, Fight, and Win in Air, Space and Cyberspace." Recognizing the outstanding achievements of Team Schriever Airmen this past week helped us remember that we are the world's greatest Air Force, not because of our airplanes, satellites or technology, but because of the great Airmen that put on the uniform each and every day.
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