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Chief's Corner - week of Feb. 6

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Organizational climate

Recently, Air Force Instruction 36-2406 was revised to include a new paragraph prescribing the evaluated subject "Organizational Climate." Paragraph 1.8.2., (added) now states (not all inclusive), "...All Airmen are responsible for creating an organizational climate in which every member is treated with dignity and respect, and one that does not tolerate unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual assault in any form. NCOs and officers are not only responsible for creating this environment but are also accountable for it. NCOs and officers can build a healthy organizational climate by: communicating clear direction at all levels of supervision; adhering to and enforcing standards; not tolerating and, when necessary, appropriately responding to any form of sexual harassment, sexual assault, hazing, unlawful discrimination, or any other conduct harmful to the good order and discipline of the unit; being accountable for their actions; and cultivating an environment where teamwork, unity and cohesiveness are the standard practice."

Additionally, performance feedback and report forms have been modified to include this newly evaluated area. But let's not make the mistake of somehow thinking of creating and fostering a productive, professional organizational climate is anything new. Having included this as an evaluated area simply symbolizes and formalizes the Chief of Staff of the Air Force's intent on zero tolerance for sexual harassment, sexual assaults and unlawful discrimination.

Evaluate your work centers for some of the critical attributes for a positive organizational climate and healthy team spirit. Is there trust among Airman (up and down the chain and side to side)? Is there a healthy sense of cooperation and productive, non-toxic competitiveness? Are written and verbal communications in the workplace professional, appropriate, and of a nature that promotes information sharing and an open exchange of ideas that effect productivity? Are expectations clearly articulated and are standards being enforced predictably or selectively? Is the person in charge respected? Are they respectable? Is feedback given objectively based on standards and results and not opinion and emotion?

Does everyone feel an equal opportunity to be successful? If you're not sure, ask the question.

According to the Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, "You are either part of the solution or part of the problem; there is no neutral position."
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