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50 OSS set for major classroom expansion

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Through the addition of three new classrooms, the 50th Operations Support Squadron is planning to triple its training space during the next few months.

The squadron will accept more than 3,250 square feet of new floor space just down the hall from its administration offices and existing classroom area in Building 300.

"The thought process behind the project is to add three classrooms, bringing our total to four, each with a partial to complete technical solution that will allow us to perform all different types of presentations, whether it be computer-based training or standard lecture type instruction," said Capt. Adam Howland, 50 OSS support plans flight commander. "It will also allow us to combine two classrooms into one large area for forums and large briefings."

The 50 OSS performs a variety of functions for the 50th Operations Group and the 50th Space Wing. Its intelligence flight provides intelligence solutions for the entire base and informs the wing commander on space-based and terrestrial threats. Its tactics flight provides informational and situational awareness briefings to the wing and group as well.

"We also instruct all of the operators in the 50 OG, regardless of the satellite system or mission members perform," Howland said. "If it's done in the 50 OG, it's trained in 50 OSS."

The new classroom space will serve a vital function for the squadron and provide a more versatile and flexible training environment.

Oddly enough, the new floor space belonged to 50 OSS in the past.

"A few years ago, the 50 SW Plans and Program office and the 50 SW Information Assurance office requested the floor space we're talking about," Howland said. "We gave up that space until we identified that we no longer had the training space we needed. We requested the space from the 50 SW Facility Utilization Board and it was granted to us.
But, it's important to note that we're not just booting those agencies. We found new space for them."

Howland explained that as the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center transitioned from the Space Integration and Development Center last year, some organizations moved out, which created a domino effect of moves around the base.

Moving forward, Howland and Lt. Col. Jay Fulmer, 50 OSS commander, attended a site survey last week, when contractors presented options for furniture and other details.

"We've commissioned the 50th Civil Engineer Squadron to construct two solid walls and another partition wall so we can create three classrooms out of the space," Howland said. "That will give us the optimum amount of versatility."

A timeline for completion of the project is up in the air as of now, according to Howland, because it is dependent on funding, but once construction is complete, the new space will be open to the entire wing.

"We'll open the area for any training that needs to be done," Howland said. "So, if the 50th Mission Support Group wants to teach a train the trainers' course, for example, they'll have plenty of space to conduct that here. This will be a very robust training environment, one that is collaborative, where people can work different issues and find solutions."

Fulmer said the 50 OSS team has been discussing and planning the project for more than 14 months.

"Once complete, the new environment will allow us to fully consolidate 50 OG training under one location, which will ensure standardization and higher quality," he said. "In addition, it now provides four dedicated classrooms for use by any 50 SW agency."
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