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Chief's Corner - Perseverance - week of Dec. 19

Chief Master Sgt., E-9, (ABU color), U.S. Air Force graphic

Chief Master Sgt., E-9, (ABU color), U.S. Air Force graphic

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- One of the greatest attributes of our Airmen today is perseverance. Persistence, determination, and grit are all synonymous with the term. Yet, these three finer words seem to better describe the points I wish to make in telling the incredible story of the Airmen I encounter each and every day.

Despite the challenges we've faced in 2013 as a service, the Airmen that make up the fabric of our Air Force remain persistent. When tough challenges arise from fiscal constraints, manning shortfalls or high operations tempo our Airmen persist to find a solution to ensure we remain the most lethal Air Force in the world. When adversity strikes in our personal lives, Airmen simply find a way to push through. These and similar challenges have been presented to our Air Force time and time again throughout history and the result remains the same - amazing success stories where persistence paid off.

Closely connected with persistence is a sense of determination.

Our Airmen are determined to see the mission succeed. Their determination and passion to see things through is nothing less than remarkable. All that is needed is empowerment and support; simply trust the resolute Airmen committed to our Air Force and that which they've been tasked to do. Given this approach, I believe creativity and innovation has no bounds. Thus, when the task is seemingly insurmountable, determination prevails.

Yet, determination may need a little extra oomph. That's where grit kicks in.

Pure grit kicks in for many Airmen when the going gets tough. While a vast number of our Airmen are tackling the toughest aspects of the mission, there remains yet another category of Airmen who will stop at nothing to ensure even the most insoluble tasks are accomplished. They not only bring their best to the organization every day; but challenge each and every one of us to step up our game as well. Look around in your organization and I'm sure you'll see the very Airmen I describe in this article. Look in the mirror, is it you?
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