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Schriever honors promotees


Congratulations to the following personnel who were selected for promotion:

Airman 1st Class:

Airman Nathaniel Caleb II, 50th Security Forces Squadron

Airman Tyler Cockrum, 50th Operations Support Squadron

Airman Jordan Forbes, 50 OSS

Airman Ricardo Guarcas Garcia, 2nd Space Operations Squadron

Airman Joseph Harold, 50 SFS

Airman James Ludwig, 50 OSS


Senior Airman:

Airman 1st Class Shannon Anderson, 50 SFS

Airman 1st Class Cody Helgerson, 21st Medical Squadron

Airman 1st Class Shawnee Hewitt, 3rd Space Operations Squadron

Airman 1st Class Isaias Marianigastaliturri, 2 SOPS

Airman 1st Class Dylan Marlow, 2 SOPS

Airman 1st Class Brandon Slaymon, 2 SOPS

Airman 1st Class David Snyder, 50 SFS

Airman 1st Class Benjamin Kelly, 3 SOPS


Staff Sergeant:

Senior Airman Christopher Hisey, 50 OSS

Senior Airman Eric Mistrot, 4th Space Operations Squadron

Senior Airman Jesper Stelterhogh, 50th Space Communications Squadron

Senior Airman Wesley White, 50 SCS

Senior Airman Ashlee Wiuff, 50 SFS


Technical Sergeant:

Staff Sgt. Jason Cordell, 527th Space Aggressors Squadron

Staff Sgt. Daniel Kulkoski, 1st Space Operations Squadron


Master Sergeant:

Tech. Sgt. Daniel Rhodes, 50 SCS


1st Lieutenant:

2nd Lt. Jason Anderson, 3 SOPS

2nd Lt. Daniel Austin, 1 SOPS

2nd Lt. Steven Barton, 3 SOPS

2nd Lt. Nathan Briggs, 3rd Space Experimentation Squadron

2nd Lt. John Cannan, 1 SOPS

2nd Lt. Christopher Carlisle, 3 SOPS

2nd Lt. Paul Cicero, 4 SOPS

2nd Lt. Kanit Dararutana, 2 SOPS

2nd Lt. Joshua David, 3 SOPS

2nd Lt. Alexander Hartenburg, 3 SOPS

2nd Lt. Michael Jones, 4 SOPS

2nd Lt. Michael Obranovich, 4 SOPS

2nd Lt. Bryce Oneill, 3 SOPS

2nd Lt. Travis Perry, 3 SOPS

2nd Lt. Justine Pescetello Parr, 2 SOPS

2nd Lt. Jason Rogers, 3 SOPS

2nd Lt. Ryan Schindler, 4 SOPS

2nd Lt. Brandon Sexton, 1 SOPS

2nd Lt. Tyler Underwood, 4 SOPS

2nd Lt. Chloe Ward, 50 OSS

2nd Lt. Richard Womble, 4 SOPS

2nd Lt. Kathy Yorke, 3 SOPS


1st Lt. Jessica Boone, 4 SOPS

1st Lt. Kelly Caggiano, 50th Space Wing

1st Lt. Dustin Crews, 3 SOPS

1st Lt. Meagan Crews, 4 SOPS

1st Lt. Brinetta Hence, 2 SOPS

1st Lt. Adam Hockert, 1 SOPS

1st Lt. Tony Huang, 8th Space Warning Squadron, Det. 1

1st Lt. Matthew Knox, 3 SES

1st Lt. Anders Knutsen, 4 SOPS

1st Lt. Willie Lackey III, 22nd Space Operations Squadron

1st Lt. Benjamin Mealey, 50th Operations Group

1st Lt. Michelle Morris, 50 OG

1st Lt. Russell Moseley, 2 SOPS

1st Lt. Adam Palmer, 50 SFS

1st Lt. Natalie Perrotta, 1 SOPS

1st Lt. Devin Shipp, 50 OG



Capt. Marissa Banducci, 3 SES

Capt. Ryan Hardin, Air Force TENCAP

Capt. William McGillivray, 4 SOPS

Capt. William Springer, 3 SES

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