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Schriever Airmen selected for promotion

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Congratulations to the following Team Schriever Airmen recognized for promotion:

1st Lt. Dane Arfman, 2nd Space Operations Squadron
Senior Airman Alexander Arietta, 11th Space Warning Squadron
1st Lt. Jonathan Atkins, 4th Space Operations Squadron
Airman 1st Class Darion Badillomanzanares, 3rd Space Operations Squadron
Senior Airman Jeremy Binz, 50th Operations Support Squadron
2nd Lt. Stephen Bittner, 50th Contracting Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Shaun Bush, 50th Security Forces Squadron
Staff Sgt. Michael Butler, 50th Civil Engineer Squadron
1st Lt. Gregory Carte, 4 SOPS
1st Lt. Benjamin Chavez, 3 SOPS
2nd Lt. Grace Cho, 4 SOPS
Airman 1st Class Ryan Choi, 3 SOPS
Airman 1st Class Levi Colson, 4 SOPS
1st Lt. Michael Cousins, 4 SOPS
Airman 1st Class Charles Davie, 11th Space Warning Squadron
Airman 1st Class Yolanda Dixon, 3 SOPS
1st Lt. Austin Duran, 4 SOPS
2nd Lt. Maria Elizondo, 527th Space Aggressor Squadron
1st Lt. Andrew Franklin, 527 SAS
Senior Airman James Franklin, 4 SOPS
Senior Airman Oceana Goodsell, 50 SFS
2nd Lt. Joseph Graeve, 4 SOPS
2nd Lt. Shawn Graves, 4 SOPS
1st Lt. Jennifer Greer, 4 SOPS
1st Lt. Kelcie Haner, 50 OSS
2nd Lt. Shane Hardman, 1st Space Operations Squadron
1st Lt. Rachel Harris, 3 SOPS
1st Lt. Christopher Hassa, Air Force Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities
2nd Lt. Harrison Hatcher, 2 SOPS
2nd Lt. Tyler Higaki, 4 SOPS
2nd Lt. Devin Hightower, 50 OSS
Maj. Joseph Huseman, 21st Medical Squadron
Airman Daultyn Kline, 50th Space Communications Squadron
Airman 1st Class Kevin Lamb, 11 SWS
1st Lt. Benjamin Landry, 2 SOPS
1st Lt. Logan Lastovica, 50 OSS
1st Lt. Skyler Lazelle, 50 OSS
2nd Lt. Brandon Lee, 11 SWS
2nd Lt. Kenneth Mackenthun, 50 OSS
Senior Airman Kristian Mandujano, 2 SOPS
2nd Lt. Glenn Mclemore, 2 SOPS
1st Lt. Mark Mendez, 2 SOPS
Airman 1st Class Garrett Misenhelter, 4 SOPS
Senior Airman Michael Moody, 50 SFS
2nd Lt. Michael Morris, 2 SOPS
1st Lt. Aaron Nelson, 50 OSS
Airman 1st Class Zachary Nicholson, 50 SFS
Maj. Mark Nyberg, AFTENCAP
1st lt. Roman Owens, 2 SOPS
Staff Sgt. Joseph Pecora, 50th operations Group
1st Lt. Jared Penner, 4 SOPS
Airman 1st Class Justin Perez, 11 SWS
1st Lt. Eric Phillips, 50th Space Wing
1st Lt. Steele Rackley, 50 SCS
1st Lt. Sean Raymond, 2 SOPS
2nd Lt. Matthew Reilly 50 OSS
Capt. Scott Roberts, 50 SCS
2nd Lt. Stormy Sagmeon, 11 SWS
2nd Lt. Jacqueline Salas, 2 SOPS
2nd Lt. Ashley Savoie, 2 SOPS
1st Lt. Fanita Schmidt, 4 SOPS
Airman 1st Class Bryce Sharon, 50 SFS
1st Lt. Jeremiah Specht, 17th Test Squadron
1st Lt. Allison Swaney, 22nd Space Operations Squadron
1st Lt. Thomas Taylor, 3 SOPS
Senior Airman Cory Timm, 50 SCS
Maj. Brent Waldman, 21 MDS
2nd Lt. Cameron White, 3 SOPS
2nd Lt. Lauren White, 50 OSS
Senior Airman Jeremiah Wilkins, 50 CES
2nd Lt. Arthur Williams, 22 SOPS
1st Lt. Eric Wilson, 50 OSS
1st Lt. Lindsey Wilson, 50 OG
Airman 1st Class Branden Wright, 3rd Space Experimentation Squadron
1st Lt. Jeremy Wright, 3 SOPS
2nd Lt. George Zeitler, 4 SOPS