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Affected by hail damage?


If you were affected by the recent hailstorm in the Colorado Springs area and need assistance filing a claim, the Air Force Claims Service Center is your primary point of contact. The AFCSC processes and adjudicates these types of claims. 

Depending on your status and location at the time of the hailstorm, individuals may qualify to file a claim for damage.  Here are some helpful tips to file a claim:

1. In general, you will need the following documents to make your claim:  registration of vehicle, proof of insurance, color photos of damage, a copy of the insurance settlement (if any) and an estimate of repair (typically from your insurance adjuster).

2. If you reside in the dorms at Peterson Air Force Base, you will also need the following:  assignment to quarters. 

3. If you were on duty at the time of the storm, you will also need the following:  a letter from your supervisor or commander stating you were on duty during the storm (or similar documents proving the requirement to be on base).

4. If you are on temporary duty to Schriever Air Force Base, you will also need the following:  copy of orders and documentation from lodging.

5. If you have only liability insurance coverage, you will need two estimates of repair along with everything else.

Please note these are not all-inclusive.  If you have further questions, please contact the AFCSC directly (contact information below) or call the 50th Space Wing Legal office at 719-567-5050.

Air Force Claims Service Center


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