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  • National Fruit and Vegetable Month

    Often times when the month of September rolls around, people begin to think about the beginning of school, the beginning of fall, pumpkin lattes, apple orchards and corn mazes. Additionally, September represents National Fruit and Vegetable month. It is commonly known that we should try to fill half of our plates with fruits and vegetables, but it is less commonly known why.
  • October Energy Awareness Month

    National Energy Action Month, also known as Energy Awareness Month, has been observed during October since 1991. The year’s theme is "Energy Able Mission Capable", which serves as a call to action for Schriever Space Force Base, Peterson SFB and Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station, personnel to practice energy efficient habits in their daily lives work or at home.
  • Ascendancy: The Space Warfighter Mindset

    We are in a dogfight. Our superiority in space is at an inflection point, and although the character of conflict is changing, the nature of war is enduring – it is a human endeavor, a clash of opposing wills, won first in the heart and mind.
  • STARBASE Peterson seeks new teachers and administrators

    The Science and Technology Academy reinforcing basic aviation and space exploration (STARBASE) at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, has job opportunities available to teach science, technology, engineering and math to 5th graders!
  • Embracing “Light Speed” acquisitions for a lean, agile and fast Space Force garrison

    The Peterson-Schriever Garrison of the U.S. Space Force stood up July 24, 2020 and has since furthered the development of a brand-new 21st century service, built to achieve combat effectiveness in, from and through the space domain.P-S GAR is comprised of mission support and staff units from the former 21st and 50th Space Wings, to include both the
  • Be your best

    What does being your best mean to you? Can you work on improving yourself? Is there a version of you which you have yet to discover?
  • Where does responsibility start?

    The Air Force teaches us as Airmen three core values that are ingrained into our minds from the first “... I solemnly affirm …. So help me God” of our oath to this country: Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence In All We Do.
  • Pride through a lens

    By definition pride is a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.
  • Commentary: Advice for the next generation of Airmen

    In a few days, after a quarter century of commissioned service to our country, I will be laying down the authorities, rights, and privileges of what wearing the uniform of our military symbolizes. 
  • Embrace Change ... or Be Left Behind

    In this edition, the boss and I decided to touch on a very complex topic: change. Either you love it, hate it or just try to roll with it. It is a billion dollar industry with books, articles and podcasts all hoping to educate and coach us on how to cope, handle or even lead change.

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