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  • High expectations

    I witnessed authentic leadership in a 16 year-old high school marching band percussionist. At a state-wide competition, her band was staged in a parking lot overlooking the football field waiting for their time to perform. She and a small number of other musicians were watching a competing band on the field while they waited. Around her were about 30 of her bandmates, many of whom were chatting, laughing, and wandering aimlessly as a way to cope with the stress of competition -- then it happened.
  • Parting thoughts

    Twenty two years, it’s hard to believe how long I have been in the Air Force.However, as I sit here exactly 50 days out from my retirement ceremony, I can’t help but reflect on a few thoughts I would love to share before I hang up my uniform for the last time.I joined much like many of you, not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into, but
  • Why I Wear the Uniform

    Many of us wear clothes to express ourselves, whether they’re nice suits on a night out or casual wear with clever sayings and designs on them. I believe the same is true when donning my Airman Battle Uniform.
  • Sustain your authenticity

    For many years leadership scholars have attempted to define and determine the characteristics, personality traits and styles of great leaders; yet no clear profile of the ideal leader has come to fruition. Thankfully, no cookie-cutter leadership style has been found, otherwise every Airman would just be the same. Being the same would equate to
  • What are you putting in your jug?

    As a kid growing up, I always had a close relationship with my grandfather. As a member of what Tom Brokaw called, “The Greatest Generation,” my grandfather grew up in Wisconsin during the Great Depression and lost his father at a young age as a result of injuries he sustained in France during World War I.My grandfather shared with me his vivid
  • Coming home to the ‘gem of space ops’

    Coming back to Schriever feels like coming home—Kristy and I couldn’t be more excited. My first operational assignment in the Air Force was at Schriever Air Force Base and it instilled in me a deep love for the Wing’s mission and a tremendous respect for the space professionals who execute that mission daily. We’re thrilled to be part of that team
  • Communication skills vital to great leadership

    I recently gave the keynote address at the annual summit of the Colorado Advisory Council for Military Education.  In preparation for the presentation I spent a significant amount of time contemplating what skills the military values in its officer, enlisted and civilian workforces and what institutions of higher learning can do to help build those
  • Key Spouses: Unlocking the power of wingmanship

    The reach of a key spouse can change lives. I often get asked “What is the Key Spouse Club?” Hopefully in the future we can eliminate that question from the minds of families across the Air Force. Key spouses are volunteers interviewed and appointed by squadron commanders to act as an extension of squadron leadership to the families in that
  • Why I Wear the Uniform

    When people ask me why I joined the Air Force, I usually just say it's because I was unsure of what I wanted to do. Getting closer to my high school graduation, nothing I could think of seemed good enough. I joined in hopes of making it a life-long career I could be proud of or use it as a stepping stone to get to where I want to be. The benefits and financial stability alone were enough for me to sign on that line. However, no one asked me why I wear the uniform. There is so much more to it than just free college and healthcare.
  • Leading with principle-centered focus

    There are many different books about leadership but the most influential book I read was Steven Covey’s “Principle-Centered Leadership.” What struck me most about principle-centered leadership is it casts a net of personal value ownership over the workplace environment.

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