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  • Enlisting during a Pandemic

    Why'd you decide to serve your country? It's a question you get a lot as a new enlistee. When I raised my right hand and swore-in, Dec. 23, 2019, I knew I wanted to do something better with my life, but I didn't realize I’d start serving during one of the most devastating health crises of our generation.
  • Follow my lead

    “What type of parent do I want to be?” is the question many of us face when approaching the prospect of parenthood. I believe the answer to this question is found in the answer to another question: “What kind of child am I hoping to raise?”
  • Building an Environment that Fosters Innovation

    I firmly believe in the Chief of Staff’s imperative to “accelerate change or lose.” In order to remain the world’s most dominant Air Force, we must adapt and be prepared to innovate and problem-solve. That starts by empowering our Airmen, and fostering an environment in which innovation and creativity can thrive.
  • The Human-Animal Bond

    Not all Soldiers walk on two legs and carry a rifle. The U.S. Military has partnered with canine warriors in every conflict since the Revolutionary War.
  • Appreciate Greatness

    So often old heads tell “back in the day” war stories about the Air Force of the past and how great it was, how today’s Air Force is “soft” or “weak” or too accommodating or cares too much. If we can drive a positive change the Air Force of today will be more capable than the Air Force of the past. 
  • Military, civil service career is a team sport!

    Accomplishing the military mission takes tremendous effort from the people who pledge to serve yet those same people don't serve alone.
  • Her Story

    “You’re the first woman in this job.”  This was the greeting from one of my now dearest employees when I took over as the Deputy Commander and Staff Judge Advocate of the 426th Air Base Squadron in Stavanger, Norway.  He did not mean it in any judgmental or condescending way—just matter of fact. 
  • Behind the viewfinder

    Wow! I get to write a story about what I do for Scott Air Force Base and the 375th Air Mobility Wing. Though my job can be challenging, public affairs provides some pretty rewarding experiences.
  • A Letter to my Daughters: Look Out and Within, Not Up

    Recently, I heard someone talking about Diversity and Inclusion, a topic I am extremely passionate about. This person made reference to looking up at the wall of leadership pictures and not seeing someone who looks like them. 
  • Anytime is a good time for tea

    Having tea can mean sharing joy and sorrow, solving familial or business problems, or simply being present and experiencing life completely. Although a seemingly simple act, sharing a cup of tea is anything but. It is intentionally taking the time to connect and address something important.

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